Day 3 of hols

Well yesterday we went to an adventure farm called Rare Breeds Centre. There was lots to look at and the kids all loved it, including the twins. You could pet some of the animals. A horse tried to eat my sunglasses, silly thing.

I bought a few bits from the gift store, I got my siblings them typical holiday “name” things, my sister’s name was difficult to find though. I also bought myself a little birdie necklace and a “rare breeds farm” badge. Sad I know but it is a holiday. I also grabbed these foam pig masks for the twins as they love “Pep Pig” (Peppa Pig, they just say Pep Pig). Fred wouldn’t keep his on, silly boy lol

After the farm we went to the beach for an hour. I was sunburnt from the farm but I didn’t realise till then. I got pooped on by a bloody seagull because my grandad was feeding the bastards and they flocked! Apparently it is lucky if you get shit on, can’t say I felt that way LOL yuck!

IMG_8514We had dinner at our caravan which was clearly a bad idea, as it is so small and there was a huge argument. We spent today with just myself, mom, my bro and his girlfriend. We drove into Hasting’s town centre. I picked up a “I love Hastings” t-shirt lol and a new purse and bag. After shopping, and sitting on the pebble beach for a bit, we went swimming at our site. It was very good to be in the water as the weather was soooo hot and I was still sunburnt!

We had dinner later on with everyone, at nan’s caravan. Much more space. Apologises were given so everything is cool now. Tomorrow we are spending most the day down the beach, after the kids come swimming at our site. Shush ;) They’re not meant to as they’re not staying here but we don’t think it’ll be an issue, they didn’t ask us to see our passes when we all went today.

So, middle of the holiday over. Just one full day left then we are home.



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