Day 1 of hols

Well we made it to our caravan sites in one piece. We couldn’t get in mine and mom’s till after 4 so we went to Nan’s one first. Theirs is huge, but there is 8 of them staying in it so I guess that isa good thing.

After we’d had a cup of tea and they’d settled in their caravan we got in the car and drove to ours. They followed because they wanted to be nosey LOL Ours wasn’t that bad, just much smaller than theirs. Mom and I stuck our things in the twin room. The beds were ridiculously close together and we struggled to stand between them, and if you did you couldn’t actually walk, you had to siddled along lol

We went back to nan’s site for dinner. After that they all wanted to wander down their site for a drink. I was clearly tired because I said I didn’t want to go, but mom’s the only driver on our site so I had to stay as she wanted to. We finally got back to ours and got settled and unpacked etc.

Just chilling in the caravan now. There isn’t any wifi available so am using my 3G!! FML :P



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