Woohoo a week off :)

Friday has finally come. I now have an entire week off. This pleases me a lot as I’ve had a lot of stressful times lately and will be nice to relax.

On Tuesday I decided I wasn’t going to go away with the others, due to a falling out I had with someone but today after speaking to a guy I work with about it I decided I might as well go. He said “it’ll piss them off more if you DO go”. I like that logic LOL

Don’t have much planned for the weekend, just need to pack and make sure I have everything for when we leave on Monday.

I was hoping to see Mr Marine before my holiday but he said he’s leaving the area soon so I don’t know if I will see him ever again. It is a shame, he is a lovely guy, very hot and good in the sack lol not that I had expectations about dating him or anything like that. After all he is a marine, they move around a lot. And I am just glad we met, because it was very fun while it lasted.

Just on my way home from work atm but at least I am free for a week now LOL



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