1 week to go till “vaycay”

I can honestly say my weekend was relatively chilled. I met my Marine guy on Friday night and I thought he’d have helped me tire myself out as I hadn’t slept since Thursday @ 5pm. Oh no, I was still awake when I got in for ages. I didn’t get to sleep till about 1am. That was zeroing on hour 31. 31 hours up is crazy, but then it got worse because I then slept 1am to 1pm. 12 hours lol FML can’t win, can I?

Saturday I went food shopping, my nan took me then I had dinner with them and chilled for a bit before going home.

Sunday I, yet again, woke up late. Quickly dressed and went to nan’s for sunday roast. It was nice.

We chilled out for a bit then we went to the cinema to watch Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie – hilarious and the outtakes were even funnier LOL

After we left the cinema we stopped at McDonald’s for a cheeky supper then they dropped me home. I hoovered up, as it is my turn on the “rota” – oh dear god do not ask about that! My old friend TLC popped in to a catchup etc. He stayed a couple of hours. It was nice seeing him again, as it has been so long. I mean we whatsapp but it isn’t the same. He looked good, very tanned from working on the roofs in the sunny weather lol

After he left I went upstairs and chilled out, chatting online etc. Thought about tidying my room up but decided I couldn’t be arsed HA HA

Was wide awake in bed from like 11pm till gone 4am. I am very tired today as I was up for work at 7am :(

Not much planned for the rest of the week, except work. We are off on holiday next Monday. Just 4 and a half days left to go at work LOL then freedom!

Lunch is over now :( hayfever sucks balls, my eyes are itching beyond belief.



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