Happy Independence Day Y’all

Wow it is July already, and it is Independence Day. Now, being a non-American, obviously I don’t celebrate it however I appreciate the day. So for all you American’s out there, Happy Independence Day Y’all.

Work was crazy on July 1st. It was month end so there was no invoicing until the 2nd. I spent my day catching up on my outstanding purchase ledger, which was long but much needed. In the evening my aunt picked me up from the bus stop. We went to Tesco’s as I wanted to find something to wear for an upcoming Christening. I didn’t really find anything but we went into M&S and I finally invested in some size appropriate bras. I got 4 for £45. Bit pricey but not too bad that is about £11 each. They are so comfy so I am glad I went shopping with her. We took the twins and my Nan came too. Didn’t get home till almost 11pm. I was shattered.

Wednesday got back to invoicing. It was hectic but that’s okay, I prefer being busy than not being busy at all LOL

Yesterday I tossed and turned all night due to an awful migraine and stufft hayfever eyes. I emailed in sick at work and went back to bed. Mom asked me if I was going to work and I said No so she left me be, to sleep off my migraine. She woke me up at almost 5pm. Bad move though. I didn’t sleep at all last night and I am back in work today. I am dying ha ha

I needed some fresh air last night, like seriously. Being cooped up all day was doing my head in, once I had woken up I mean so I sent out a snapchat to the few people I knew. I got a reply within a few minutes from a guy I’ve been speaking to for like a month. He doesn’t live far so he jumped in his car and we met. We parked up for a bit then he dropped me home, he was just as good looking as his pics which is always a bonus ;) #40

I currently don’t have concrete plans for the weekend but I have a few options so we shall see. I want to finish shopping for the Christening and my holiday. Speaking of, we go in 10 days. I need to buy some hair dye, re-paint my nails and pack LOL

I am really into the new Jason Derulo song, as well as the Pharrell Williams. I mean the “wiggle” one. It has something real sexy about. Makes me want to sing and dance ;)

I really want to go to NYC at the end of the year, if I am still working here, hopefully I am. So I can save up for a trip to the big city ;)

Going to do some researching on pricing as got 15 minutes left of lunch.



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