Because I’m Happy

Well, I was correct to assume that guy wasn’t interested. I received the obligatory “I just didn’t feel the spark”. What a girly thing to say haha I almost prefer him just ignoring me till I get the message LOL

Anyways. Sunday I felt like crap, but not because of that. I just think everything else that has been bothering me for a while came to the surface because I burst into tears at my nan’s. And I hardly ever cry, let alone in front of people. I didn’t eat much over the weekend and I didn’t feel that hungry so I actually turned down some roast potatoes nan offered :O lol After they’d eaten my grandad ran me up to Morrison’s so I could stock up for work. I got enough for 2 weeks so won’t have to go shopping again till after we’ve been on holiday. Which is in 2 weeks now. I’ve withdrawn the money I want to take, and intend to spend. I’ve set myself a limit of £100 as we are only away for 5 days so I doubt I’ll go mad. Plus it is only really for when we go for dinner at all, or have lunch when we go out for the day with the kids etc.

I met a guy yesterday. He lives at Deepcut army camp. He is a marine, so you can imagine how fit his body is … He picked me up from mine and we drove around chatting for a bit, then parked up not far from the camp ;) HAHA He is only 31, gorgeous to look at and really funny and nice as a person, which makes a change because some hot guys can be lovely to look at but not very nice as a person. Of course I didn’t meet him thinking it’ll be anything more than it was. And I don’t mind, he is hot lol #39

I have been listening to the Pharrell William’s song “Happy” and I love it. I think it relates to how I feel about dating lol I am happy NOT dating. I like just having fun. Only downside is that someone, somewhere, somehow, always gets annoyed or hurt even if you are being honest about yourself.

My pal who came over with great news last week reckons he’ll pop round sometime this week. Hopefully to finish what he started LOL he better or I’m not speaking to him ever again ;)

Anyway, I have to go because lunch is almost over. Stay tuned, I am going to finish my FMS collages and pages for May and June this week. I hope.




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