Date night

I had a date tonight. Well we should’ve gone for dinner but I couldn’t get a lift to the station at half 4, like planned. Then the next train time passed and I still couldn’t get there. The guy said he wasn’t annoyed but I don’t believe that. In the end I managed to convince mom to swing past McDonald’s so I could grab some nuggets then she dropped me at the station. At 7:45 I was on my way to West Drayton. I arrived at 9:15. As soon as I saw him I was glad I had went. He’s good looking and once we’d spent some time together I realised how funny and intelligent he is. I think I may have ruined any chances of seeing him again though. We fooled about a little and I got really horny and I am so use to guys wanting sex that I offered it assuming he’d want to and he said no saying he doesn’t do that on a first date. I thought it was weird but when I got home and spoke to my guy mate about it he reckons that if a girl “puts out” on a first date then it’s unlikely the guy will see her again. He reckons if she doesn’t then usually the guy thinks she’s a keeper. Well we didn’t actually have sex so surely I’m a keeper? Or am I not because I said I wanted to do it? Dating is so confusing. And I’m starting to get a complex because he’s the second guy this week who’s fooled around with me but refused to have sex.
I’m feeling really emotional now that I’m home too. I think I’ve fucked it up because it seems to be so complicated lately with every guy I speak to or meet.
I guess I’ll know tomorrow if he’s still interested in me at all.

Off to be a complete girl and have a cry because I feel so emotional right now and NO it isn’t PMS, I’ve not long had one lol (too much info!)



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