Happy 7th Birthday my littlest Bro

It is my littlest brother’s birthday today. He is 7. I sent his birthday card last week so I wouldn’t forget as I appear to be a scatter brain lately. No idea why, usually I am tiptop with this sort of stuff…

I got paid today, yipee pay day. Transferred my rent to Mom’s account this AM. So that is that paid. I love knowing what I’ve paid for. I have also paid for my travel for the entire month. My current bus pass expires on July 1st. So my new one is set to run from July 2nd to whatever the end date is. I am trying to be organised. Maybe next I will actually make a start on my room. I keep trying, and I get half way through moving the clean laundry to my bed so I can sort out my drawers etc but I end up distracted by god knows what! I must make time to sort it this weekend as I don’t have much planned for a change lol Well I do on Saturday but not till like half 4 so that is plenty of time to sort my room.

I went out last night, for like half hour. Met this guy who lives quite local. He is much hotter in person. I can’t be too different from my online profile because he wants to meet up again LOL He is 31, I think? Just going by his profile anyway. Not too bad as I am 23 in 6 weeks!!! I must remember to ask him though, next time I see him. Also need to ask him his full name for my list, my OCD going into overdrive again, me and my lists! HAHA #38

Work is mad busy atm because it is a month end, obviously. I am on lunch right now. Just listening to music and chilling really.

One of my thighs aches, it hurts if I stand up lol My throat is better so I cancelled my doctors appointment, I couldn’t really take the time off work today so I am glad I am better and cancelled LOL

One of my colleagues at work sent me and the new guy an email with a photo of a puppy covered in lipstick kisses. I was like WTF? He seems to be under the illusion that we fancy each other. Don’t get me wrong, the new guy is good looking and we do have a laugh because I sit opposite him but it’s just workplace banter to get you through the day lol well I think it is anyway. No one looks at me “that” way in the office because it is work. Workplace lusts are things of romance novels right?

Anyways, I gotta go, again. Busy bee I am lmao ;)



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