Rebel without a cause?

Someone said this to me recently. It was said as a joke, as I had joked about me and this person living such hardcore lives in reference to the fact we were both in bed at 11pm. In our own respective beds of course, I hate sharing haha so yeah, rebel without a cause? What exactly does that mean? I said, well what kind of causes do people fight for and my pal said things like sick animals etc… Is that true? Do people actually “fight” for these things, because all I seem to get asked for is a “donation”, I.e. Money! Money is all I am ever asked for. I get emails from Greenpeace, I dont’ remember giving them my email address?!?! Although that could just be more aimed at trying to give me a complex about whales ;)

Right, I’ve gone off track, my entire post was not aimed at random crap about greenpeace and being a non-rebel lol

Less than 3 weeks: “I’ve been speaking to that guy I met a few weeks ago. He says he wants to meet up again. I hope he’s being serious because I do want to meet him again. I enjoyed meeting him last time and I assumed he did too. I guess we shall see as we said a possible meet tomorrow. If not then I won’t ask him again. I do not chase men. Ever! Blow me out once, you get one more chance. Blow me out twice, I’m gone. Simple really…”

-> Well we were going to meet up yesterday. Can you guess? Yep, you got it, we didn’t. He blew me out. I text him a few times and he didn’t reply till this morning claiming he left his phone at work. WHO DOES THAT? No one, ever, ever, lets their mobile out their site. I know, I know, I sound so skeptical and unbelieving but I know what normal people are like their mobiles so I find it hard to believe he just “happened” to have left at work the night we were due to meet. I’ve decided that is it. I am not asking him for anything anymore, he’s just wasting my time.

For that reason, I am glad someone else came over last night. Learned some great news and had a nice catchup, plus some smooching was had so that is always a bonus haha Also I realised recently I don’t know if I want a relationship right now. I am quite happy just having some fun with a nice (hot) guy and seeing where it goes, and if it doesn’t lead to anything then I am happy with that and I can have some fun with someone else. What has happened to me? LOL


Right I gotta go, it is 13:36 :O Lunch was over 6 minutes ago LMAO




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