FMS backlog

Omg, I am so behind with my FMS pages. I have created the collages for April, May and June is nearly finished (the month isn’t over yet). I will get around to posting. The April list was a good one, I had a fair amount of material to work with but I got stuck on one phrase. It threw me out for a few days which meant I then had to do a mad postng frenzy when I finally was happy with the snap for that day. Which also meant I posted the following days late too. Not that it matters, I just hate being out of my sync as my iPhone tells me daily what the prompt(s) are. I am currently updating the main page for my #FMSphoto-a-day challenges. It currently only has the lists from July 2013 to December 2013. We are in June for christ sake, where have I been for 6 months? Bad blogger lol more like my life got busy-ish ;)

So yeah, just thought I’d make sure ya’ll know I haven’t forgotten about my FMS challenges and I am currently sorting it all out.


Stay tuned.




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