Less than 3 weeks

We go on holiday in less than three weeks. I have gotten some wedge sandals but I do need some pumps too.

The twins stayed the weekend just gone. Mom was working so she wasn’t even going to be around but she made a big fuss in front of everyone so I stayed at my Nan’s ALL weekend with the twins. They’ve both got an ear infection which was the reason I had them, their mom didn’t wanna drag them out doing things whilst they are sick. We had a busy weekend, even though they were hard work Friday, and were exhausted. By Saturday they’d perked up which was great. They both got out in the garden playing. That tired them out. They were both fast asleep by 8pm and woke up Sunday at 8am. Awesome lol sadly I woke up at 6am on Saturday morning as Frankie woke up for a cuddle then went back to sleep and I couldn’t nod off again so I then got up with them when Frankie woke up at 8 and Fred followed at 9 – lazy lol but Saturday night I got overtired and didn’t nod off till after midnight so I was up 18 hours!!!

Sunday morning Fred managed to get my house key lost in Nan’s garden. It ended up falling underneath the patio steps. We cannot retrieve it so I had to use my backdoor key to get in when I finally got home at half 6. Turns out some fool had left the key in the door on the inside so I couldn’t get in. I totally lost my shit and tried shaking the door, kicking. Anything. I think being sick, severely tired and overheated just made me so emotional. Oh and PMSing like a bitch didn’t help either lol my nan and grandad drove to my moms works to pick up her house key so I could get in. I was very thankful to them.
I quickly stuck some laundry on and jumped in the shower. It was nice and refreshing after a long, hot day.
I watched star-crossed on catchup from Saturday’s TiVo. In bed. With a cider. Had a banging headache so I took some tablets and once star-crossed was finished I tried to go to sleep.
Ended up tossing and turning all night. Woke up with a migraine. Emailed work at like 7:30. Took more tablets and tried to get some sleep. Think I managed to nod off around half 8. Woke up at about half 1. Felt much better but my hayfever had kicked in whilst I was sleeping and my eye was proper swollen lol

Didn’t get up to much yesterday. Just had some food and then chilled out trying to not rip out my itchy eye.

Back to work today. My throat had been sore for almost a month so I got a doctors appointment for Friday. Friday!?!? Good job it’s not serious then ay?
Work seemed to go by so slowly today. Glad it’s Wednesday tomorrow. Half way through the week, woohoo.

I’ve been speaking to that guy I met a few weeks ago. He says he wants to meet up again. I hope he’s being serious because I do want to meet him again. I enjoyed meeting him last time and I assumed he did too. I guess we shall see as we said a possible meet tomorrow. If not then I won’t ask him again. I do not chase men. Ever! Blow me out once, you get one more chance. Blow me out twice, I’m gone. Simple really…

Anyway, I just watched Unforgettable on TiVo catchup so I’m off to bed now.



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