Less than a month to go

We go on holiday in less than a month. I am really excited because I have always enjoyed our family holidays to Hastings etc. We are staying between Camber Sands and Rye Harbour. I need to put a little bit of money away for it, and grab some new outfits as I don’t own much besides jeans. Plus I don’t own many shoes now, even my “uggs” are a bit tatty and I don’t wear them anymore. I live in either my work shoes (black dollies) or I have flip flops lol which when it rains is never a good thing.

Do you know, on Friday, after I removed Frank from the cot, the room wasn’t even used, neither was the spare room (the original room I had put the cot in). I was fuming on Saturday morning. I moved him for no reason.

Safe to say the weather wasn’t what I expected and I didn’t actually use the paddling pool all weekend. It wasn’t cold, it just was not sunny enough for swimming lol Fred wasn’t himself at all, he was really clingy and just wanted to sit on the sofa watching TV. With me. Not helpful when Frank is full of beans and wants to run around like a loon, he needs watching LOL

They went home Sunday afternoon. Fred has learned to say my name “Kayyy-eeee”. Close enough so I’ll take that. He forgets it though and if he wants my attention he shouts “Mama”. I’m like “nooooooo Kayleigh” he just laughs.

My Aunt and Uncle have fallen out over a Christening. It is a long story and it is none of my business so I’m not going to get into it. I can see it from both sides and think everyone should just get on with their own lives.

Monday at work I felt so Blah! I think I was just tired from the weekend even though the twins didn’t wake me up till 7am, both days. Criminal Minds had the seaosn finale for season 9, on SkyLiving at 9pm. There I was, sat on my bed, ready for it. It was a very good episode, and I actually covered my mouth with my hand at one point out of pure shock. I am pleased no one in the team was killed off as I had heard rumor that Matthew Gray Gubler was leaving after season 9. I hope not, his character is the best, I love Reid LOL

Yesterday I just had work, usual. Very busy. Am re-learning Purchase Ledger so I can cover half of it with the usual lady. I am a multitasker, it is hectic lol

I can’t believe it is June already. There is 26 days till we go on holiday. I need to get some stuff. I need some more tops, shoes and a decent bikini/bathing suit. I also need a new purse and bag. My current purse is fine but I need a better one. My bag is tatty, definitely need a new one. Nothing fancy, just something different.


Right I am off, as my lunch break is over. Such a rebel, blogging at work. Not!




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