Happy Friday 13th

Well I never went to the movies in the end. Mr. “unavailable” cried off being sick. Tbf my hayfever got so bad Monday I left work at 2 because my eyes just could not handle being in that stuffy office.

I had some dinner on my way home as I worked through lunch to get all my work done. I got in and had a shower. I had been speaking to a new guy all day and we spontaneously agreed to meet. He came over at like 7. He was much better looking in person so that’s a bonus lol my mom was finishing work at 8ish so he left at 8 as it’s awkward meeting family when you’ve only just met the person lol besides she’s too obnoxious.
I don’t know if we will see each other again. I guess only time will tell…

Back to reality Tuesday and Wednesday. Still covering someone’s work in the office whilst she’s on holiday. I’m use to it now I think. She was meant to be back yesterday but she missed her flight.
She was in this morning but one of our sales persons called in sick and another was away for his stag do so we were 2 men down so our branch manager stepped in to man the calls and so did this girl I’m covering. So I ended up doing some stuff for her even tho she was back. I don’t mind. I like her lol

Today is Friday 13th. I love superstituous days like today. Nothing untoward happened. I have the twins tonight. I asked to. It’s meant to be hot tomorrow so I bought a new paddling pool and floats. They were in bed by 8ish. Mom came home and started moaning because I’d set up a cot in her room but the only fucking reason I did that was because her boyfriends son (who I wasn’t forewarned about) was staying over and has to sleep in the spare room that one of the twins usually stays in. She’s never moaned about having a cot in her room before so why start now. And she started trying to say I was selfish and childish. Selfish? When I selflessly asked my aunt if she wanted me to have the twins so I could let them use the paddling pool and have some “Aunty KayKay” time. Childish? Yes because I was the one throwing my keys at doors and slamming cupboards?

She’s a dick. Pure and simple. She hasn’t even apologised since I’ve come up to bed. I removed Frank from the cot in her room, laid him on my bed (he’s fast asleep) and put the cot down again. He’s a good boy. He’s asleep but he must be hot because he’s really fidgety. Don’t blame him.

So yeah Friday night was ruined by her big gob.

Tomorrow if the weather is still nice I am going to set up the paddling pool in my Nan’s garden so they can enjoy some refreshingly cool water.

Not much else to report. I’m still sick. Taking daily tablets of extra strength ibuprofen and paracetamol. If I don’t I end up in agony once the previous dosage wears off. I guess I should see my doctor again because clearly I’m not getting better lol

World Cup has started I think. Boring!!!




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