Happy 11th Birthday Little Bro

It is my brother Dyl’s birthday today. He is 11. Time goes by so quick. He starts senior school in just a few months!!!
I feel old. I was only just turning 12 when he was born. And now in about 9 weeks or so I’ll be 23. People aren’t lying when they say it starts to fly past after 21!!!!

I forgot to say in my last post. The guy I went to the Chinese with. I know why I wasn’t sure about jumping his bones that night. Turns out he’s “sort of” seeing someone. He failed to mention that when we went out for dinner. Would he have said anything if I had tried it on or would he just have kept his mouth shut so he could have sex with me and then mention it later down the line. It proper annoyed me because he just assumed I wasn’t interested. But that’s no excuse, he could’ve asked me what I was thinking etc…

Anyways, we had the funeral on Thursday. I had the doctors beforehand as my throat is seriously worse and I’ve started coughing, my ears and nose are blocked up! But doctor says it’s not tonsillitis just something viral. I was crying in the crematorium as soon as the coffin was walked passed is. We all were. It was such a lovely service and my aunt’s son-in-law stood up and said some really lovely words, that at times made us all chuckle a little.
After the crematorium we went to the cricket club next door for a drink. I cracked open a cider. Probably wasn’t the best idea as I hadn’t eaten and was taking painkillers for my throat lol
I spent the day just chilling out at home after we left the cricket club.

Friday I was back in work. Nothing too eventful happened except two sales persons at work have left. Of their own volition. Apparently. There’s a new guy who just started Monday but he’s not learned anywhere near enough to actually help out bless him. He’s hot though. Well he’s my type that’s for sure haha

Saturday morning I worked 8 till 1. After I left work I went to town to exchange a top I bought in the week as it didn’t fit. After that I went to my Nan’s for a bit and my aunt turned up with the twins and their sister. My grandad ran me up the chippy for my dinner then dropped me home. I watched two movies. First one I watched was the new Carrie remake. It was interesting. I then watched Jack Ryan: Shadow Recuit. It was very good. I started watching it but before it finished I turned it off and went to sleep.
I watched the rest of it this morning. I woke up at half 9 lol when it was done I had breakfast then watched I, Frankenstein. It’s interesting. I also caught up on TiVo from Friday.
My bro and his gf went to work at lunch time-ish so been in the house by myself since then. Haven’t done much. Listened to music, sang along and just chilled out really. Moms in soon. I haven’t eaten since lunch but I’m not cooking anything now, I cba lol

Back to work tomorrow. Hope my eye has cleared up by then. It’s horribly sore and sticky because of my hayfever today…

I’m going to the cinema this week, to see the new x-men. I’m going with “Mr. I’m seeing someone”. We are only friends after all haha

I’m off before my tipsy-ness brings out bad things to moan about haha



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