Pinch, Punch, First of the Month

Well June has reached us. June brings 3 birthdays for me. My two little bros and my uncle. I got paid on Friday so have paid my rent and various miscellaneous bills.

The twins came to mine at half 6 on Friday, after work. I sorted them some dinner and a bath then tried to put then to bed. Frankie went straight to sleep at 7:30 but Fred wouldn’t go to bed (that rhymes lol). He didn’t go to sleep till almost 10pm. He’s such a fussy pup sometimes.
My nan was watching my other 3 cousins as my aunt wanted to do stuff for her birthday (May 31st). We decided to take all 5 kids to Alice Holt forest park. So we did. We walked around the forest, stopping at various intervals so the kids could play on the specific play areas. When we got back to the car park we got some lunch. After lunch the 3 older kids, and my mom’s boyfriends son went on the Go Ape! zip wire walk around, that allows them to climb about up in the trees. I stayed with the twins then waited at the bottom of the zip wire to film all 4 of them zipping down to the ground. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
When they were done I took the twins to the park so they could run about a bit more. They both spilt strawberry milkshake down themselves. Their white vests were now pink lol

We left the place at 4ish. When we got back I stripped them out of their strawberry messes and they had some dinner. After dinner they had a bath and I got them both in bed asleep by half 6. After that I just relaxed as ya do lol

This morning Frankie woke up at 4:30am and didn’t want to go back to sleep. Fred woke up at 6:30. At 7:30 I took them downstairs for some breakfast. After their breakfast and some play time I took them up for a bath and a nap. Fred wouldn’t go for a nap but Frankie slept for over an hour lol

We went to our Nan’s for Sunday dinner. The babies sat at their little plastic table again lol they don’t sit still for long though haha bless them.

After my aunt turned up I stayed for a bit then left with mom so I could come back and have a shower etc :)

Just in bed now watching tv. My throat is sore. It started up on Saturday morning and it’s still sore today. Hope I get better in the week lol

Back to work tomorrow!!! Am covering a colleague so got lots to do, eek!



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