I had my first date for 2014

Well technically it wasn’t a date. It was just me and a guy, who I’ve been speaking to for about a year but only just met yesterday. He was much more sarcastic in real life. Which I loved ha ha because I’m very quick witted so it was a good match.
I did think about jumping him in his car but something stopped me. I can’t put my finger on what. But whenever I thought about it, something told me not to. Perhaps it was my “reason” telling me he’d never take me seriously as girlfriend material if I had sex with him just like that ha ha

Anyways we had dinner and it was lush, we went to a Chinese buffet all you can eat. We drove back to mine and I assumed as it was late he’d wanna get back so I didn’t invite him in. Instead we ended up sitting in his car for a few hours talking. It was a really “non-date” lol

Back to work today after a bank holiday weekend. Oh joy lol so long!!

We got a date for the funeral. June 5th. I can’t believe it’s almost June already. This year is going so quickly!!



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