Boxing again

My uncle had another boxing match tonight. It is part of a battle called Maximum Battle. He was originally down to be fight number 6 which is at the end of the second half, BEFORE the second break. However due to a boxer (who was fight number 3) cracking his opponent in the jaw before their match had kicked off, he got himself instantly disqualified and the event co-ordinators decided to bring fight 8 forward, but not before having the first 15 minute break. Which made my uncles fight 7th and scheduled after the second 15 minute break lol suffice it to say, my grandad and I were a bit eager to get to my uncles fight.
It was a good one. He did so well, we are so proud of him. It was deemed a TIE between the two of them but personally we think he should’ve won. He held his own much better than his opponent. My voice is a little crackly from shouting and screaming. At one point I actually screamed “Go on, f*cking smack him” haha I love it, the adrenaline was going, tried taking some photos but my hands were shaking soo much!!!

So yeah we had a good evening. After his fight, and he had changed, we took his bag and went home as he was off out with his missus for the night.

I think I drank too much redbull at the boxing because I’m still wide awake lol I think I may even watch the sunrise. Which is perfect because that is my #FMSphotoaday challenge word for yesterday, so that would get it out the way.

I’m a little sleepy now so will snap a pic then get some kip.



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