No weddings and a funeral

My mom woke me up this morning to tell me some bad news. My uncle bunny’s wife, Marg, had passed away in the night. Apparently she’d complained of stomach pains then she threw up some bile-like stuff. We aren’t sure what happened from there, whether she died in the ambulance but it was in the early hours. She was only 72. No age really considering she was quite active, her and bunny had just been on holiday till Friday, and celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary on May 13th. I think we are all mostly in shock. I don’t know how my uncle will cope without her. My grandad said he was in a right state when he phoned with the bad news in the morning, and he could barely make out what his brother was saying at first. It is so sad :(

We went to my aunts for Sunday dinner then down to my cousins football tournement. We let the babies out of the stroller for a bit but they just kept trying to play on the football pitch lol Fred fell asleep so I took Frankie round to th bouncy castle. He loved it. When I was walking him back to where we sat, my nan was walking Freddie (who’d woken up) round to the bouncy castle. We should’ve let them both loose on it but Frankie had had enough. After the tournament we went back to my aunts then after a cuppa we left. We had a sneaky McDonald’s on our way home because it was about 7pm and we were all peckish haven’t not ate since lunch time.

I still can’t get over the shock of Marg’s death. She was such a lovely person, she never ever forgot anyone’s birthday and believe me that is a feat when you have as many family members to remember as we do. She will be sadly missed.



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