I missed Cinco de Mayo

I am such a bad blogger. It’s been weeks since I checked in. I was going to cheat and write stuff and “back date” it on the options menu but I can’t be bothered. Problem is, I can’t really remember what I’ve been up to. I guess I’ll have to list it. Starting with the first day after the last post…

Saturday 26th April:
I got paid yesterday so I decided to treat myself to a sneaky movie at the cinema. I watched Captain America: winter soldier. It was really good and I was glad I watched it. I’m naughty as I used my student ID card to get a student movie ticket, even though technically I’m no longer a student. Oh well, who cares, it saved me £1.30.

Sunday 27th April:
I had Sunday roast at my Nan’s. In the afternoon my aunt came over to pick up my cousin who’d stayed at my Nan’s for the weekend.

Monday 28th April:
New work week started. Same old really. Much better now that I have stuff I can actually be getting on with. I’m genuinely quite busy in the day now, which is how I like it, it makes the day go by much quicker.

Friday 2nd May:
My mom had the twins dropped off to her in the afternoon then at 6 she picked me up from work. We figured it would be easier to grab dinner whilst we were already out so we stopped in McDonald’s. We sat down to eat, with the twins sat in kiddie chairs with straps – best invention ever! It was the first time we had ever taken them out for food that they’d actually be eating. We’d taken them to cafes when they were tiny babies but they never ate, of course, so it’s hardly the same.

Saturday 3rd May:
I decided I didn’t want to be stuck indoors all day and the weather was forecasted to be dry, at least. So we set off for town. Now I’ve never ever attempted to fit them on the bus, in their old double pram or in the current double stroller. However I decided to try. And to my surprise the whole thing fitted nicely. So, they had their first journey on the bus. Frankie wasn’t quite sure about it and I had to give him, and Fred, something to eat or else he’d have screamed his head off. I think it is just because it’s something new and different. Bless him. After I retrieved my book on-hold from the library I let them out the stroller to play around in the children’s section. They love climbing on the wooden train and sitting in the spaceship lol
We left the library, I went to the card factory quickly and then off home we went.

Sunday 4th May:
May the fourth be with you. I had to do it. It’s just not un-doable lol
We had Sunday lunch with my grandparents. Just us 3 and the babies. We let them sit at the children’s bench that is usually in my Nan’s garden for the summer. We gave it a good clean, put it in the dining room with us and sat them at it with their bowls of dinner. They sat still longer than I expected. They looked so cute, so grown up. Where has the time gone?

Monday 5th May:
Cinco de Mayo. I actually studied Spanish at college when I was 17. I also learned a lot when I went to Spain when I was 15 and I am currently brushing up on it using the Duolingo app. It’s really rather good.
The twins went home relatively early. I think my aunt was taking all the kids out for the day as it was a bank holiday. I spent mine tidying up my pigsty of a house haha

Rest of the week consisted of work, food and my tv shows. Hannibal season 2 has just started. I’ve also just started watching a new series called Almost Human. It’s 2 episodes in and I am loving it. I love all that weird shit lol

Friday 9th May:
I ended up babysitting the twins overnight. They’ve got this obsession with the laundry basket. If you dare leave an empty one on the floor then they WILL climb in and sit in it. Such strange children lol

Saturday 10th May:
They were meant to be picked up but my grandad had to run them home. He wasn’t pleased. Neither was I a little as it transpired, the reason I’d be babysitting was so my aunt could watch my cousin in his football tournement, which was called off at 8:30 in the morning due to a waterlogged pitch. Fair enough, 8:30 a little early to come pick up the twins but she could’ve come over after their nap at 12. My grandad was so annoyed that he had had to drop them home. I stayed at my Nan’s then went home for dinner.

Sunday 11th May:
I woke up with a god awful headache-cum-migraine. By the time I’d gotten dressed, left mine and arrived at my Nan’s, my head felt like it was on fire. I took some tablets, nothing. I took 2 more within an hour. Naughty I know, but I was desperate as we were going out for dinner and I didn’t want to miss that. We left for dinner and I felt rough, proper nauseous. I forced my dinner down, and a pudding. I figured I may not be hungry now but eventually my migraine will go and I’ll stop feeling sick, all that’ll be left is I’ll be hungry. So I best eat first.
We took a detour home, called into my Nan’s brothers for a cuppa. His dog barks really loud, it was reverberating through my skull I am sure of it lol
I got home, my headache had dulled, and I figured it was going to be gone when I woke up Monday. I was wrong.

Monday 12th May:
I couldn’t sleep, was rolling around uncomfortable then at 4am I fell asleep. Woke up at 7 in agony. Took some meds, emailed my manager and then went to sleep. Managed to keep between dozing and sleeping most the day. Woke up and ate some food and felt much much better.
My eyes are sore though. Must be the lingering effects of the migraine. I seem to get a migraine at the same time my eyes flare up. I wonder which triggers which?

Tuesday 13th May: [today]
Got to work at 8. Noticed someone had moved my desk around and put some of their own shit on it. Logged on, did some work. At 9 my colleague appeared and said she needed my computer as she had urgent work to do. I was like “okay, and I’m meant to do what all day?” She told me to shadow her. How fun! I could feel myself losing the will the live. But anyway, I logged myself off. Moved all MY stuff from MY desk to the window ledge. Then stood around like a flaming lemon whilst she got on with her work. I couldn’t stand it any longer than about 15 minutes. I went in the office and asked my manager if there was ANYthing he could do, any computers spare. He came up with thing little sever box thing. You plug your mouse, keyboard, screen and internet in to it. Plug it into the wall and then voila. Mini computer terminal. Awesome. So my colleague took her stuff back to her desk, along with my original computer box and just left the screen etc. We sorted my mini terminal out and I was finally set to work again. I was annoyed, I won’t lie. Even though my colleague probably didn’t mean it to sound like it, but I actually felt like the work I do isn’t worth much. She didn’t say it exactly, it’s just how I felt. Tbf I was tired and still recovering from my migraine plus my eyes were sore still. I think I was just being sensitive perhaps. Either way I didn’t hold it against her. It all worked out in the end and I am glad as I have soooo much to do everyday lol

So that’s all I can remember. Nothing too exciting lol
It is my Momma’s birthday on Friday. Waiting for her present to come :)

TTFN from your bad behaved blogger x


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