Thank God It Is Friday

Well Wednesday I got the blood test results back. Apparently everything was normal except I appear to have an inflammation in my stomach, which my doctor suspects was/is caused by a build up of acid that shouldn’t be there. He reckons it’s likely caused by a bacteria in my stomach and if that is the case then a course of antibiotics will fix that right up. Unfortunately the only way to see if his assumption is correct is to get a stool sample. Yuck. So yes, he handed me a sample pot and suggests ways I could get one in a less messy way. Ironically for 2 days after he gave me it, I suddenly couldn’t go to the toilet. I eventually got my sample today but can’t hand it in to the surgery now as it is shut till Monday :/
But anyways, that’s a weight of my mind. It’s done. I was prescribed some gastro tablets which he wants me to continue taking, which I have, and I do feel better. I’m in less pain. Mostly flares up if I eat too much or I’m hungry. So if I keep a balance between the two, I am okay.
I have an appointment with him next Thursday for a follow up and he wants go book some repeat blood tests to see if the inflammation has subsided. It feels like it has. But of course that could just be the temporary fix from them tablets which I suspect is keeping the acid build up at bay. Once I run out I bet the pain would return. Which is exactly why he wants the stool sample so he knows exactly what he’s dealing with. Then he can fix it. Simple stuff haha
It has been a long week and I am really glad it is over. I got paid today. Will give mom her money, pay back my Nan and my mom’s friend who lent me £50 a few weeks ago. I hate being in debt but hopefully I can start to clear it. Also will buy online a megarider card which I’ll just top up every 4 weeks. It’s so much easier that way. I have a to-do list of what I need to do, buy and keep on top off as well as a spendage list so I don’t overdo it lol

Right I’m off now :)



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