Thank god for Easter

Ironically my title isn’t hoorah-ing the chocolate part of Easter. It is merely aimed at the fact we get 2 days off work due to the bank holidays. I woke up feeling really nauseous and my whole abdomen area is in awful pain. I went to work but I kept getting gripping pains that sent me to the loo every 15-30 minutes, for fear I may poop myself at work. By 1 o’clock I’d given up on sitting at work in agony so I went home. Friday I felt a bit better and I had the twins just overnight and some of Saturday day time. By then my pain had gotten worse. It hurt to breathe in too deeply, it hurt if I ate more than a few mouthfuls of dinner but it also hurt if I didn’t eat. The hunger pain was worse as it seemed to radiate through me whenever my stomach growled but if I tried to eat after a few mouthfuls I felt full. It was a vicious cycle. Monday I barely ate anything.
Tuesday was my first day back at work after the 4 day weekend. I phoned up my doctors as soon as they opened. I managed to secure an emergency appointment for 11:50am. I left work at 11 to get the bus back to my area for the doctors. He was in two minds about what it could be. He wanted me to do an urgent blood test, which he booked me in for there and then and said he’d have the results tomorrow so booked me to see him Wednesday lunchtime. My blood test was booked for 4:30pm on Tuesday. As I don’t drive I wasn’t able to go back to work to come back again. I let my manager know and he was okay about it.
I had the blood test done. It was very quick and I was pleased about that.
Now I just have to wait and see… I doubt it’s anything too serious but it’s definitely not “nothing”. My pain threshold in general is quite higher than most, but jeez I am in pain. Only pains I can’t usually bear is severe tooth ache or earache. I had an ear infection twice in a row, 2 years ago, and both times I was crying with the pain. I never ever cry. Seriously. Like, never!
So yeah, tomorrow I’ll know…



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