Working tomorrow

Well that was a long week. The twins played up at bedtime nearly every night except Thursday. Which co-incidentally was the day me and my brother’s girlfriend took them swimming. It was their first time they’d ever been. We got them some swimming trunks and swim nappies. I already had arm bands. It turned out the bands were TOO big for their chubby arms even though they are meant for ages 1-3 years. Go figure!
So me and BGF (brother’s girlfriend) took a baby each and walked in to the baby pool carrying one. Frankie loved it straight away but Fred was not at all sure. He took like 10 minutes to relax about it. It’s a shame they didn’t have bands on because they could’ve had a little bit more freedom. Frankie kept wanting you to “let” go of him but of course you can’t lol and you can’t really explain it to him so he just kept getting annoyed at you gripping him.
Before swimming we took them to the library as the pool wasn’t available till 2:30pm and the website didn’t say that so we had turned up at 1pm. So to kill time we let them run riot in the child’s section of the library. They enjoyed it because there is a spaceship you can sit in and a train you can pretend to drive. They had fun climbing up and down that lol
Friday lunch they went home and I tidied up the house. It was a mess and definitely needed some attention.
Saturday I slept late and didn’t get up to much. I woke up with a swollen eye. And I mean PROPER swollen. It started to go down by the evening and today it was hardly noticeable.
We had Sunday lunch at Nan’s today. My aunt was there with the kids, as well as my uncle and 2 of his kids. He didn’t stay that long. They just ate dinner then left. My aunt stayed quite late. The twins were whiney. Mostly Fred tbh but Frank did join in now and then.
When I got home I had a bath, nice and relaxing. I have work tomorrow. My first day. I’m a little apprehensive. A new job is always a little scary. But wish me luck.

I’m off to bed, I’m shattered.



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