I survived two toddlers teething

Wow that’s a mouthful? Two toddlers teething haha I did survive. I think.
Basically on Saturday I brought the twins back with me from my aunts. They went to bed at 6 but Fred started crying at 7:30 so I got him out the cot and let him sit with me whilst I ate my dinner (which I had to share with him). Later I took him up to bed with me, firstly I had tried to put him in the cot that’s in mom’s room (where he had been asleep) but he wasn’t having any of it and it was late so I chucked him (not literally) in my bed and laid down with him. He kept making noises and banging on the radiator so much so that he woke up his bro, who was asleep in the cot in the room. My mom took Frankie and he went back to sleep. Fred eventually nodded off but it’s mainly because I was cuddling him a little forcefully so that he’d remain still. He knew if he laid still he would fall asleep so he would keep on moving. Not anymore. And that was it. He was off to sleep and then I was out like a light.

We woke up and had breakfast etc. Frank had an hour long nap and Fred slept for nearly 2 hours. When they woke up I got them sorted and we left for our grandparent’s house for Sunday dinner. We had roast beef. Fred whinged all day, I couldn’t do anything without him following me and asking to be picked up. I even left them in the lounge with my Nan so I could go to the bathroom and I could hear Fred whinging because I’d had the audacity to leave the room lol

We came home at 5pm and I did them some food, they had a bath and were in bed by half past 6. Fred was definitely asleep but then at 8 someone knocked the front door and the dog barked which woke him up. He then wouldn’t settle so we tried him back in the cot but he screamed. I gave him his bottle and laid him in bed with me, he kept rolling around shouting. Yes you guessed it, he woke Frank up. I gave Frankie to my mom as I thought he’d be the easier one but he didn’t want her (I don’t blame him, she’s got no patience) so he was screaming. I gave him some calpol and then rooted around the downstairs cupboards for some dummy’s. I found them so I armed them with teething gel and had Frankie laid on my arm curled up chewing a dummy and Fred was laid on my chest with a half empty bottle of milk. Frank nodded off pretty quickly. Clearly it HAD been his teeth playing up. We had suspected this today, my nan and I. I moved Fred to the cot with his bottle, tucked him in and then got in my bed. He must’ve felt better as he soon nodded off too so now I have two sleeping babies. My original plan had been to watch tv in bed but I’m too tired now so I’m just going to go to sleep soon. I’m sure I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow lol



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