I got the job ;)

Well safe to say the title ruined the suspense ;) I got the job. The recruitment lady phoned me yesterday morning and confirmed what I had suspected: I AM AWESOME! I start on April 14th at 09:30. I am really excited because this kind of job is exactly what I had been hoping for.

I was just looking back over my blog, and I landed one of my VERY FIRST posts. It is dated March 29th, 2013. It is basically me talking about what I am hoping 2013 would bring to me. Obviously a year has passed since that post, and 2014 commenced 4 months ago. It made me realise how times change, people change and things aren’t what you expect them to be sometimes.

If you click the link and read the short post from that date you’ll see what I mean. (My Plan For 2013)

If you think about March 2013 and compare it with March 2014, there are huge differences in where I was at. Last year I was sick of being unemployed and exploring my future career options. I think being unemployed was the main reasoning for why I looked into going back to college. Don’t get me wrong, I was interested in establishing myself in a worthwhile career such as Nursing. And I was very excited to be a student again, but when 2014 hit I just realised it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I also feared that I wouldn’t be able to “hack” University as I had struggled a lot with the second modules in college. I love administrative work, I always have, and I am so pleased I was practically “head-hunted” for this role I landed.

Argghhh, it is April! Where did April come from?

My cousin is 10 on April 6th. It is my brother’s birthday on the 19th. I should write a monthly “plan” or “to-do list” of whatever I have planned this month, or upcoming events.


  • 6th – T’s 10th birthday
  • 14th – Start my new job
  • 18th – Easter Friday [Bank Holiday]
  • 19th – Bro’s 19th birthday
  • 20th – Easter Sunday
  • 21st – Easter Monday [Bank Holiday]

So that is it for April. Not much else to report. I am off to my aunts later for a few days. My cousin has tonsilitus, bless her. I’ve just fine tuned my YouTube channel as I wanted to post the dance video from my Nan’s party, which I did, as you’ll know if you saw my blog post from Sunday with the video posted in that post…




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