Happy 60th Birthday Nanna

The twins stayed at mine till Friday afternoon. Freddie handed me a lump of his (I can only assumed) poop. A lovely present, thanks little bud lol

Saturday morning I went into town to have my hair cut. It looks much better now it is shorter. Afterwards we went down the party venue to set up the decorations and get the tables ready for the food. We dropped into my nan’s on the way back to say “Hi” and “Happy Birthday”.

We got ready for the party and arrived at 7:15pm. I spent a lot of the evening wandering around watching the twins. They took it in turns of “not wanting to go on the dance floor and play with the balloons”. Frankie was clinging on first, then it was Fred’s turn lol So I ended up holding and dancing with one of them. Occasionally they both were in my arms. Whichever one was on the floor at the time would make a beeline for me and want picking up. By half 9 they were knackered and Frankie fell asleep with a bottle of milk on my mom. At 10 my aunt took all her kids home. Before this my Nan and her dance group did their show dance down the stage for us to see. I’ll post the YouTube video below.

After the twins left my brother’s girlfriend and I had a few shots. I had only drank two ciders in the 3 hours I’d been at the party as I had been too busy to “drink” any more than that. We left the party at midnight and went to my Nan’s as we were driving them home anyway. We got in at 3am, as the clocks changed this weekend so they went forward an hour. I slept very well and woke up at 2pm in the afternoon today. We had a nice roast dinner and I gave my mom her Mother’s Day card. We celebrate it in March over here.

I have training with my new “job” tomorrow. I have had to borrow £50 off a friend of mom just to travel to Salisbury. I hate borrowing money as it is but to lend off someone I don’t even know, talk about uncomfortable.

My eyes have started playing up today as well. They were bad on Friday but luckily were okay by the party yesterday. Today they’ve started up again because I wore make-up to the party and it irritated my eyes. :(

Off to bed now, hopefully. I doubt I’ll sleep yet as I woke up late.




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