March is almost over

Well my weekend with the twins was a good one. The weather was hail stones and thunder so we stayed indoors. We went to our Nan’s at lunch time and left at dinner time. They love playing there because she has more toys than I do.
We tried to teach them both to say my name, or at least the toddler friendly version, “KayKay” but they haven’t said it so far. They keep calling me “nan nan” or “dad dad” or even “mamma” but I know they want to say my name, they just can’t, yet lol

Sunday we had roast dinner at Nan’s. Then in the afternoon my grandad drove them home and I jumped on the PC to play some sims 3. I love that game :)

Monday I stayed at home instead of going to class and I emailed my tutor asking what her decision was and she informed me that she’d removed me from college already and that all I had to do was hand in my college ID pass and then I was finished. Well thanks letting me know. If I hadn’t have sent that second email would I have ever known I wasn’t required in class?

So it’s official, I’m a quitter haha I mean no longer a student.

My new job requires I have training but the training is in Salisbury. I asked them how I was expected to get there, being a non-driver and they said I’d have to get the train. With what funds? I’ve been out of work since November so I’ve had ZERO income. I asked if they paid travel and the woman on the phone said they don’t they just reimburse you. Helpful? I think not.
My moms gonna speak to her manager and see what we can come up with. For those who don’t know, my mom works for the company I am joining lol

Today I woke up at 1pm. Lazy I know.
My aunt phoned and asked if I’d watch the twins till Thursday which of course I agreed. I love having them even when they can be little monkeys. I had dinner at my Nan’s as I’d been there since about 2. She dropped them off at 7ish and my mom was dropping her car off and taking my Grandad’s (hers is being MOT’d tomorrow) so she picked me and the twins up. They were in bed by 9. That’s late for them as they’re usually in bed asleep by half 6 lol I’m hoping they’ll have a lay-in and sleep in past 7 but I doubt it.

I watched a DVD downstairs with my brother and his girlfriend. Thor 2: the dark world. I’ve actually seen it already. It’s a good film.
I am now in bed, freezing my butt off because it’s like arctic conditions lol
Am wide awake so I’m going to watch an episode of American Horror Story: Asylum then go to sleep.

It’s my Nan’s 60th on Saturday and she’s having a party. I can’t wait as I haven’t had a reason to get dressed up in ages.

Anyways I’m off to freeze death lol



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