12 years since you passed

Wow. 12 years since you passed Jay. We miss you still so very much. The boys, all 4 of them, have their uncle Jay’s grin. Your sister loves that. It reminds her of you. We went down the graveyard this afternoon. We had the twins with us as I am babysitting them this weekend. Nan put some flowers in the pot by your cross. I won’t lie, it does look sad; your grave, with the pathetic wooden cross that has snapped in the bad weather and the plaque that has the wrong f-ing surname on it. Don’t worry Nan’s going to fix that very soon. She’s thinking of pulling out the dead plants and putting stones down with a railing trim to keep them at bay and then buying some heavy weatherproof plant pots so we can put flowers in them whenever we visit. The current vases, that are buried in the ground, have holes in so the water leaks out and the flowers die. Of course you know all this because you told the medium you weren’t happy about the state of your grave. Unfortunately nan doesn’t hold the “deed” or whatever it is that enables her to have power over what is done to it. But don’t worry she’s sorting it out and perhaps then V might visit you. She hates the site of it now but maneb when it’s nicer she might come say hey…

I didn’t go to class this week. I emailed my tutor asking her if we could discuss me leaving but I haven’t heard back yet.

If it’s nice weather tomorrow I’m gonna take the twins to the baby park. I bet they’ll love that :)

Anyways I’m off.



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