The sun has got it’s hat on

Well I never went to class Wednesday. I’d asked if I could be dropped off in the morning, like usual and my mom said yeah sure. Up she gets and leaves the house without waking me up or anything. So I had no way of getting to class so I just went back to sleep. My wisdom teeth, or more specifically “tooth”, is still playing up. The pain is radiating up my jaw and into my skull. It must be doing some serious moving to cause such pain. I’m out of meds, that I take for my migraines, and I can’t afford to get any more as they can only be prescribed and they charge £8. It doesn’t sound a lot but it is when you’ve NO money whatsoever.

So Thursday afternoon the twins were dropped off. They’ve been playing in Nan’s garden and they love it. They’ve gotten the hang of the step half way down the garden, the step between the walls and the door way step. I love the way they walk. Frankie walks so fast when he’s excited.
Friday we went shopping with our grandparents then we had lunch and some more garden playtime.
Saturday we went shopping, again, but this time it was with my mom. Then I took the bubs to Nan’s again. They had a nice play in the garden after lunch. Me and my brothers girlfriend watched 2 films in the evening after I’d put both babies to sleep. My grandad fixed the cot that was broken which made bedtime SOOOO much easier. Using just one cot is a nightmare so now it’s fixed I’m pleased lol
Today we had roast dinner at my Nan’s. My uncle was there with 2 of his children. He seemed a tad short tempered though honestly that’s quite normal. I learned later on that he’d been out on the booze the night before so that could explain why he was such a grumpy bastard today, and also why my nan made a reference to his daughter staying overnight at their house. I don’t really understand why people drink too much and spend the next day in a bad mood. All they do is piss everyone else off who’ve had a good (and non-booze) night and lots of sleep and don’t need someone dragging down their good mood the next day. But whatever.
I think Frankie caught a little bit too much sun. I did notice his face was a little red and that was when I decided to bring him and Fred inside. However every other idiot in the house kept opening the baby gate and leaving it open. I got so annoyed. Then my nan says some shit about “don’t worry about it, let them have some fresh air”. Yes okay nan I’ll let them die of skin cancer or heat stroke. What an idiotic thing to say when I’d clearly brought them inside and shut the gate for a reason. You could clearly see Frankie was hot and he was being all clingy which made me think he wasn’t feeling too good. Perhaps the sun? Either way, he wanted to sit with me and drink his water. Which I was cool with. I’m not a sun person. I thrive in the winter. I can’t sit in the sun for more than 10 minutes before I’m hot and bothered then I feel snappy. I’m like a dog lol

Anyways I have class this week and I need to decide what I want to do about this stupid assignment for Law.




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