Syphillis strikes again

I won’t lie. I haven’t been to class so far this week. I’ve had awful migraines two days in a row, and I realise today why: wisdom teeth. One of my very back bottom ones is popping the gum line, again! And my whole jaw aches, and of course, my head. Duh!

The twins are staying Thursday to Sunday. Originally I was having them till Tuesday but my aunt is no longer going away so she said to send them home Sunday lol if it’s nice I was thinking of taking them swimming but it’s a two person job so I need to persuade my mom or bro to come with me…

Referring to the title, I am not saying I have the disease nor anything like that. It’s the nickname I secretly gave a guy I had in my life. Not that much of secret as it’s a reference me and my mom use whenever we talk about him. Anyway, the story is: we met about 4-5 years ago online and we met up, hung out and fooled around. We became good friends who occasionally had sex. Simple enough? Okay. When I started dating my ex in 2010 I lost contact with syphillis but we got back in touch in 2012 when I was single again, and by chance, so was he. We carried on being friends with benefits. Everything seemed fine for about 6-9 months then he started talking to me less and less. It wasn’t that odd as he’s done the disappearing act on me a few times before but he always comes back. As time wore on he started “going silent” more often or for longer periods of time. Even more weirder, whenever I’d asked for his phone number he always gave me an excuse. So when I say we communicated, it was usually via email or the Kik app. Previously, before our last relationships, when we communicated I had his number but this time around he wouldn’t give it. I gave up asking and accepted he just wanted to email.
Last year, in August, I found his facebook again (we’d previously been friended but weren’t as of late) and sent him a message saying “add me, and do you wanna come over?” as it wouldn’t let me add him. Within a few hours he’d read the message and blocked me. This was on my birthday. My birthday ffs. So I sent him an email asking him why he blocked me and I didn’t get a reply. He was silent for about 3 weeks.
Yesterday I was looking in my facebook inbox for an old message from someone else when I came across the one I had sent him last year. Even though I was still blocked, when I hovered over his name his profile photo came up. It had changed. Suddenly it was a photo of someone’s arm holding a newborn baby. So I messaged him, asked him who’s baby it was. He wouldn’t answer, he just asked me why I was stalking him? Like I’m that pathetic. So I said some shizz about how “if you have a missus and a kid that would explain why you don’t talk to me for weeks in a row and that means you’ve basically lied to my face for 2 years” and all he could say was “can’t we just be friends, I’ve always wanted to be your mate”. I’m like wtf, no you can’t, I don’t want liars in my life. Also, we met up in January so he’s a cheater if he DOES have a girlfriend back at home. Urgh, makes me sick!
Now I know he didn’t admit to being in a relationship and having a child but IF that kid in his pic was not his he’d have gone out of his way to say so straight away. He didn’t. Last year in September he said to me “I haven’t slept with anyone but you”. Not that I was expecting him to be exclusive, we aren’t/weren’t dating, but he said that, and clearly he was lying.
Just did some digging of my own. I may be blocked but people I know, and have access to their accounts, aren’t blocked so I logged into my Nan’s account, searched him and had a proper look. 100% his baby. Found his girlfriends page, lots of photos of them together and a few of them announcing the pregnancy last year. What a fucking lying cheating prick. He has clearly been dating her since at least June last year going by the photo dates etc. So I know for a fact he’s cheated on her. With me. Eurgh I feel sick just thinking about it. I never ever want to me the “other woman”. It’s just disgusting. And not my way of doing things. He forced me to be the other woman and now I feel dirty!?!?

I told him not to message me ever again and so far he hasn’t. I hope he doesn’t. Men like him are just ridiculous. He knows what Ben did to me and he chooses to lie about this secret life he has. Why the fuck? I hate liars…
Anyways me and syphillis are done. Finito. Finished. End of. Cunt!!!

So, Tuesdays there’s no TV for me except Emmerdale, so I watched a film earlier called “Side Effects”, very good but a little strange. I love Jude Law :)

Class tomorrow. Psychology. Ugh!



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