2 years freedom!? What?

On March 9th 2012 I learned my then-fiancé was having a baby with a woman he had had sex with 3 months previous, a fact I had been unaware of until that day. Today marks the 2 year anniversary of my single status. Freedom baby yeaahh*

On Thursday afternoon the twins were dropped off. They are such cuties but Fred is so naughty sometimes. He was doing something and I told him off and he kept doing it so I told him off a few more times and he just ignored me, the ignorant little sh*t lol

Friday my nan went away with her dance group to Burnham. We stayed in all day, me and the twins. Saturday afternoon I walked them round to our Nan’s and we had lunch with our grandad then he took us up the town. It was really hot weather and he wanted to get out for a bit. So we did. There’s a sit-and-ride toy outside of the shops so I let the twins on it for 5 minutes. Frankie loved sitting in the seat but Fred was happier walking around it, the weird child lol

Sunday Fred fell over infront of my TV and hit his face on the wooden TV unit. It left a lovely angry mark above his right eye. At 10 I walked them to our Grandad’s with all their stuff then we jumped in the car and went to my Aunt’s as we were dropping the twins off and having dinner. My grandad helped her put some bamboo netting around her veranda whilst I watched the twins. We had dinner and then chilled. Fred was climbing on the sofa and fell straight over the back. He landed head/face first in a plastic (clean) bowl that was behind the sofa. Luckily he didn’t hurt himself but apparently he’s always doing it. He throws strops like a teenager, it’s quite funny to watch…
Later on we had a BBQ, as the weather was good for it then afterwards we left. I was absolutely knackered and I had a banging headache. I’ve been home a while and I’m loving my baby-free bed.
I have class again this week :/ when is Easter????

I’m tired.

TTFN zzzzzzz

*imagine that said by Austin powers and it’ll sound “groovy baby”


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