March is here

Well my first week back in classes last week was hard. I feel so behind with assignments and work. Which I am because I haven’t been in class learning the material for the next assignment. I have a presentation to present in Law next week, and I honestly don’t know what I am meant to be writing about. Psychology is even harder. We have a presentation on a subject of our choice, which is easier said than done. There is a list of subjects to choose from but I just don’t know what to pick.

Thursday I had a nice lay in due to no classes Thursday and Friday now. Friday I went to Morrison’s with my grandparents so I could grab some stuff for my mom.

Saturday my uncle and wife left 4 of their 5 kids with my nan and grandad whilst they picked up their new car. My aunt was dropping my godson to me and she turned up at my Nan’s with 4 of her 5 kids. Talk about hectic. We came round to pick him up and then had some dinner. We went up the chippy. I had egg fried rice, curry sauce and a chicken burger. It was yum as I have this weird thing where I put curry sauce inside my burger. It tastes ah-may-zing!

Sunday my aunt picked Reg up for a birthday party and left the twins and their sister with us. The twins were in destruction mode all day lol

Monday I had my appointment for breast clinic. I was late thirty minutes due to the buses and traffic. My consultant was really nice and she said everything is normal and to just “keep an eye” but breast pain is generally normal.

Yesterday I had class then had lunch at my Nan’s and played sims 3. I found a new website to watch tv shows on. And yes, Haven, is on it so I’ve been watching season 4 :) I love it…

Tomorrow I’ve got the bubs till whenever, probably Sunday. My cousin was in hospital last night having emergency surgery on his testicle because it got twisted randomly :( he’s okay, just sore.

So that’s it for this week really. The twins are being dropped off sometime tomorrow. Friday is my cousin’s birthday. Her first birthday. Bless :)



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