I ate bacon

Today I ate bacon. For those who do know me you’ll know how unusual that statement is. For those that don’t, I’ll explain. I don’t eat bacon. Or ham. Or pork in any form. Only version of “piggy” I eat is sausage. But even then I really do have to “fancy” sausages (oo-er!) to eat them. However there are 2 instances when I will eat bacon. 3 if you include quiche and pie as separate. I will eat bacon if it is in a pre-made sandwich with mayonnaise chicken. I will also eat bacon if it is in a bacon and egg pie or in a quiche. No clue why these 3 things make a difference but they do. This morning I stopped in Gregg’s on my way to class to grab a pink sponge square and I saw a chicken mayo and bacon sandwich so I bought it and ate it. It was quite tasty even though it’s hardly breakfast food. I skipped my usual porridge for lack of time this morning.
I have now just arrived on campus, ready for my first class back after a couple of weeks of sickness, followed by a weeks break for half term.

Here I go…



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