They didn’t see me for 2 days

Well after the bubs went home I jumped in the tub as previously mentioned. I enjoyed a nice long soak. I asked my mom to wake me up the next day at 11. Thursday I woke up at 4pm. I was like wtf happened to 11? She said she thought I deserved the lay-in after having the twins for 8 days. I can agree with her there however too much sleep will knock my sleep cycle out of sync and I’ll end up not waking up for class next week lol
Friday I woke up at 2 so that’s a bit better I guess. Mom and I went to the store for some items then we came home, chilled for a bit then had dinner. I went round my Nan’s because my aunt had asked me if I would feed the twins their dinner, and get them ready for bed, if she dropped them off so she could quickly run to the shops. So she dropped them and they had their dinner. Fred doesn’t seem to like hotdogs but Frankie was enjoying them. I cleaned their mucky faces up then got them into some pyjamas after a quick bum change. My aunt brought back some dinner for her and the other kids so I kept the twins amused so they could all eat.
After they left I played on sims 3 for a bit them I got a lift home.
Saturday I didn’t do that much. Went to Nan’s and had some lunch and later, some dinner. Also played some sims. Duh!
Today I sorted my room out and got things back to how they were BEFORE the twins lol I missed dinner by half an hour, by accident. I got carried away tidying up lol
Had my dinner. Helped grandad wash the dishes. Played some sims then went home lol
Got my first class back tomorrow morning :O wish me luck…



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