Down the stairs he went

Saturday we stayed at home. Nanny wasn’t feeling well so we couldn’t visit her. Sunday she was better and she cooked a roast dinner so we went round. It was lovely. The twins enjoyed their mashed up version lol They were originally going home on Sunday but my Aunt had her driving test today, and a driving lesson yesterday so it made sense for me to keep them till today.

Monday I got the paints out and helped them “paint”. One-by-one they did some hand prints. Frankie decided to eat his paint but don’t worry I checked beforehand that it isn’t harmful if consumed by a chunky monkey lol I put them in the bath with their bath toys. I washed their hairs and face then stood in the doorway getting dressed, as usual. Fred had his leg up the side of the bath, trying to climb out, I told him to “sit down” but before I could move to sit him down he had fallen out. He landed on the bathroom floor, luckily it isn’t tiled and there is a nice soft rug. He cried quickly but aside from a slight mark on his cheek he is fine. I think it was shock more than anything, that and the coldness he must’ve felt around his little gonads lol Once dressed and ready we left for nanny’s house. We stayed there for dinner then came home for their bath, bottle and bed. I watched TV. Monday’s are awesome as there is DCI Banks and Criminal Minds on TV.

Tuesday we got up, had breakfast, had a bath then left for Nanny’s house. They played stacking cups, again, and watched Sofia the First and Curious George (they love them, as well as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). We had dinner then left for bath, bottle and bed. My brother was at my nan’s so he walked home with us and he pushed the stroller. People probably though we was one of them teen parent couples. We may be siblings but we look nothing alike lol

Wednesday my Mom is off work and she looks after her Nan, and runs her to an old people’s day centre. The babies had their breakfast, in my bed, and then we went downstairs. I let them slide down backwards, as does their mom, and I just go “first” so I can catch them should they slip. Well, Frankie came half way down, then stopped and was looking up at Fred who hadn’t even started. I told Freddie to come on and whilst in the process of turning himself round so he could go backwards, his arm missed the top step and tumbled down the stairs. I caught him, he sort of landed on me and Frankie. He cried, and so did Frankie. So I had 2 screaming babies and I’m shouting for mom to grab one before we all tumble down the remaining steps. Fred’s nose was bleeding and I was paranoid he had a haemorrhage. He didn’t. He hit his nose when he landed so of course it would bleed a little. It did stop after a few minutes. I told Mom to take him with her to keep him awake incase he was concussed so she went off to her Nan’s with him, and a bottle. I sorted Frankie out, bathed him and put him down for a nap. Mom came back, I bathed Fred, got him settled for a nap. When they both woke up we went to Nan’s. Mom didn’t stay as she had stuff to do. Me and the boys stayed there till dinner time They had theirs then we went back home. I bathed them, got them ready for bed. At 6 their mom picked them up. They had clearly missed her because they went crazy when she turned up. Bless them.

After they left I jumped in the bath, which is where I am now :)

Tomorrow I need to tidy my room up, finish the paperwork for my new job and fix my timetable to repost it on here, and Facebook etc.



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