Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all

Well I never went to class this week. I did have a good reason. My aunt’s fella was in a car crash. He went off a main road, hit a tree and then after he escaped the car it exploded. He was very lucky to “only” suffer a cracked sternum and a prolonged concussion. My aunt asked me if I would take the twins Tuesday, as I was going to have them for the weekend anyway so what is a few more days? Of course I said yes as it would help her deal with her partner. A prolonged concussion is not good, he was really slurry and kept saying bizarre things. They were dropped off on Tuesday afternoon. Frankie is so much sturdier on his feet now, it is so cute when he walks. It is more of a waddle actually. Like a little duckling hehe Freddie is lazy, he CAN walk but he won’t as he knows he can get about much quicker on his hands and knees.

Wednesday and Thursday afternoon I took the bubs round our nan’s. They like playing there as she has children’s toys, whereas I don’t really have any at my house. They play the stacking cups, with nanny. Fred helps nanny put them up and then Frank knocks them down. He is the demolition squad, definitely. We keep trying to teach Freddie to say things as he is by far the most talkative and we managed to get him to say “Reggie”, “Grandad”, “Dog”, “Cat” and “Tea”. The last one is what he says whenever we have a cup of tea. He loves his tea. Frankie isn’t as much of a fan, he usually only wants some because Fred has some. Frank does talk, a lot, too but he sort of shouts more so. He keeps saying the same phrase over and over and we all think it sounds like “I need a wee” lol or my persona favourite: “Wee, willie, Winkie”. Whenever we say that to him he bursts into giggles.

Today is the “dreaded” Valentine’s day. It is only seen as dreaded by all those single people out there, apparently it is a huge reminder that they are by themselves. Really? I couldn’t care less that I am single. I relish the fact that I am young, free and single and ready to party, baby. Okay, imagine I said that in a “baaaayyyyybaaaayyyy” kind of way and then it won’t sound so lame, I hope ;) Seriously though, I am proud I have been single ALMOST 2 years. Yes, now and then, I think to myself “would be nice if I had a guy to share some things with”, then I remind myself what happened last time and I instantly feel better that I am drama-free. So, for all my singletons out there, HAPPY FRIDAY, may it bring you a bloody fantastic weekend :)

My “two” dates tonight are the twins. My handsome little men kept me “company” during the daytime of V.Day and are now in bed, asleep, bless them. They’ll be little heart breakers when they grow up, that is for sure.

I took them to Morrison’s so I could do some shopping with our Nan and Grandad. They sat in the trolley seat which is designed for 2 children and therefore should have 2 lap belts to secure them but the trolley we picked had a belt missing. We searched through other trolleys outside but they all were the same. So we just made do, as Frankie wasn’t technically strapped in but he couldn’t climb out as we made sure an adult was stood with them at all times. There was 3 of us, and one has to push the trolley so it makes sense to stay by the trolley at all times anyway. Frank never noticed he was able to escape. He and Fred were given banana sponges to eat so they wouldn’t misbehave whilst we shopped. Clever plan :) food = distraction haha

We don’t have much planned this weekend. We did think about taking them to Wizzy World, but on a Saturday? That is crazy. We took them on a Saturday once before: BIG MISTAKE!

I forgot to say: On Thursday I popped into College to hand back my sociology book which was a few days overdue! I saw my tutor and explained that I was behind in 2 classes and what were my options. She explained that the college doesn’t allow students to drop the whole year and restart it in September however you can drop to part time. So I have done that and I dropped the 2 classes I was behind with. I can pick them back up in September and the work I have already completed in the first unit MAY count towards to grade next year. If not, at least I have a 5 month head start and the work for unit 1 will be relatively easier for me.

3 of my Uni choices have “rejected” my application. Bournemouth is one of them :( lol It is because I don’t have any hospital experience. That is something I will have to work on between now and December when my new application will be submitted for next year…

Anyways, I am offskies. Busy weekend laying ahead.



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