Migraines and itchy eyes

Well I haven’t been to class a single day this week. It wasn’t intentional. I started Sunday night thinking I’d try to make amends with my assignment tutors and see if possible to get some help.
Monday: I woke up with a raging migraine and I had a psychology exam which I didn’t think I’d be able to sit through so I emailed my tutor saying I was sick. Not that he got back to me. He usually does but he didn’t then.
Anyways, I stayed in bed (with an eye mask on to shut out the light) all day. Had some dinner a lot later and then just chilled…
I got a phone call in the afternoon to say I got the job. Housekeeping at my mom’s work place. Part time only 15 hours which suited me due to study.
Tuesday I woke up with a migraine again and also my eyes had flared up, itchy, red, gunky and sore. Again I was off sick.
Wednesday my eyes were worse. When I finally did get up to eat, when I went to stand up my knees gave way and I landed sitting on them on my bedroom floor, next to my bed. My back hurt as I whacked it on the way down. My legs must’ve been numb from being asleep in an awkward position. It was comical but painful.
Thursday was a migraine and bad eyes. Friday much of the same. I received the paperwork for my job but it’s a lot to get through and some of the information I don’t even know. There’s a health questionnaire asking me about various vaccinations and I know I’ve had lots but I can’t remember “what, and when”. Will have to phone my doctors on Monday I guess.
Didn’t get up to much yesterday (Saturday). My eyes felt better so when I was at my Nan’s I had a play on sims 3. I miss playing it. It’s so funny especially as I have the Supernatural expansion pack. I can be a witch, werewolf, vampire, ghost or fairy.
I’m going to speak to my tutor this week coming. Not sure when but definitely this week. Also need to hand back a LRC book which is overdue and the town library wants my book back by the 10th. I have read it, it was a good read. It was called “My Husband Nextdoor” by Catherine Alliott. I’ve checked out another already. “One Day in May” by Catherine Alliott. Haven’t started it yet but I will.



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