Happy Birthday Boys

I had my ultrasound scan on my boob on Wednesday (29th @ 11). I got seen early. The woman didn’t scan me properly. She asked where the lump had been felt and I said where so she literally JUST scanned that bit. I’d have expected her to scan the entire boob. That is what they did 4 years ago when I had this scan done for a lump in my other boob. Apparently there’s nothing to see and all seems fine. She best be correct. I think I’d feel much more convinced if she’d scanned the whole thing but what can I do about it now? I’m going to keep an eye on my boob and I’ll go straight back if I find anything else…
Friday my aunt dropped the twins to me. I was at Nan’s. We stayed till Mom finished work at 8. Got home and put Fred straight to bed. He didn’t fuss, just went straight to sleep. Good boy.
Frankie was knackered and he did fall asleep but he wouldn’t go in the cot, when I tried to lay him down whilst asleep he woke straight up. I guess he prefers sleeping on my memory foam mattress. I don’t blame him, it is comfortable, very. Saturday mom and I took them to the store as we needed to do some shopping. They sat, strapped in, the trolley seats but they hate being restrained and kept trying to get out. In the end we grabbed a pack of banana sponges, opened it and let them eat some. It kept them VERY occupied for the rest of the trip. After we’d packed the shopping away, and the twins had a little nap whilst we are lunch, we took them to wizzy world. Big mistake! Never go to a kids play area on a Saturday afternoon. It was so hectic. The twins did enjoy themselves and it certainly tired them out. Mom dropped us at Nan’s for an hour whilst we ran some errands then we came home for dinner etc. I bathed them, after their dinner, and then put Freddie to bed with a bottle. Frankie fought his sleep till about 10 then once he had been snoring for half hour I put him in the cot and thankfully he stayed asleep…
Saturday was Ronnie-J’s birthday. He is now 8.
Today is Reggie’s birthday. He is 6. He’s so grown up now. I remember when he was the twins age, a right little fat pants and I taught him to say “KayKay” as it was easier than saying “Kayleigh” apparently lol
Today we had dinner at Nan’s. The twins just ate and ate all day. They had breakfast (wheetos and then toast) as well as a bottle of milk then they had a bath and were dressed. At Nan’s they had a bowl of mashed up (slightly) roast dinner followed by 2 baby yoghurts each. They also had a bottle of milk. Then they had a little nap and about an hour later they had a bag of cheese puffs, a banana and some chicken and lamb from our plates. Such fattys. Frankie kept throwing a fit like he was heartbroken whenever we said it was “all gone”. Anyone would assume he’s starving lol
It got to 5pm and I had assumed they’d be picked up soon but my aunt phone to say they were taking the kids bowling and then for dinner then they’d be over. I didn’t mind so I said to my nan we should get them ready for bed so all my aunt has to do is put them in the cot. So I ran some warm water in the kitchen sink (nan has only a shower) and got a towel and baby shampoo. Stripped down Frankie and plonked him in, washed his hair etc. He was quite happy playing with a cup. The water had salt in as he has a sore bum from teething. Once he’d had enough I handed him to nan and she got him in his onesie for bed. Next was Fred’s turn. Did the same again. He’s less happy to sit in the tub, regardless if it’s a real bath or sink, so he didn’t stay in very long. We swapped. I grabbed Frankie who was dressed and she dressed Freddie. It got to 9pm and my aunt said they was on their way so I left the twins with my nan and went home. I jumped in the bath and when I was done I text my grandad to see if the twins were gone. He said they’d just left. This was at 10ish. Bless them, they are going to be shattered tomorrow.
I’m in bed now chilling. I’ve got a bit of a headache, and my eyes are sore. It can’t be allergies as the cat doesn’t come in my room, ever! Could be dust, my room is covered because I haven’t done any dusting in a while. I forget.
Anyways I have an exam tomorrow. Psychology. I hope my headache is gone as I fear it’s becoming a migraine…

As it’s a new month that means there’s a new FMSphoto-a-day challenge list page being created on here. New photo collage, the usual.



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