One very proud godmother, right here

The twins didn’t get better. In fact they seemed to get worse. Okay, yes, they weren’t sick again but they did have them weird “water” nappies and food shot straight through, they were screaming so she took them to the doctors who said they were dehydrated and needed to go up the hospital. My aunt took them straight up there, but luckily it wasn’t as bad as it sounded. They were given some children’s diorolyte and once they’d “perked up” they were sent home with more stuff to be given for the next few days. Apparently they had an inflamed bowel or stomach from the bug and they needed a rest from food while the inflammation settled so all they had for 2 days was this Diorolyte solution mixed with a tiny amount of blackcurrant juice (the hospital advised this to get them to drink it). It seemed to work but my Aunt was shattered as she always has to do the babies by herself all day as her partner works and she’d had enough by Wednesday and asked me if I’d mind coming over to help her out. I said I would so I emailed my tutor saying I had a situation and was going away for a few days. Wednesday evening, after dinner, my grandad drove me over. The babies were almost excited to see me, in their illness-induced state lol We got them bathed and ready for bed. They wouldn’t sleep in the cot so we slept in my aunt’s bed with the babies in between us. We stuck a film on the box, which I watched to the end. It was called “White House Down”. Whichever twin I had next to me kept smacking my face in his sleep as he was laid on my arm, with his back to me and I was facing him. Everytime I dozed off; “whack”.

Thursday was a better day, they were able to eat so we started them off with plain toast and for lunch they just had a bowlful of peas. They loved it. By Thursday night we deduced it was safe to give them a small amount of milk (cows milk now) to introduce back into their system. It seemed the right time as their poops weren’t weird any more and they hadn’t been sick in days.

Friday they had cheered RIGHT up. Now they were back to having wheetabix for breakfast, more ounces of milk in their bottle and they had some cheese puffs with their lunch. They were also back to giggling, playing and just being less “pick me up now”.

Saturday was a hectic day, with the Christening being the next day. I went home at half 5. Shoved my dirty laundry straight in the machine and then jumped in the bath. Had a nice hot soak and shaved my legs. Washed my hair and got out. Mom came in from work at 8 and we watched some TV. Later we both went up to bed and I sat and watched “The Woman in Black”. Absolute waste of my time. I mean, yes, it was okay I suppose but the ending was rubbish and I don’t really understand why it ended that way. It was unexpected to say the least.

This morning Mom woke me up at 10:30 with a McDonald’s breakfast. Oh yes lol afterwards I started getting ready for the Christening. It didn’t take that long really. Just had to put my make-up on, straighten my hair and get dressed. We left ours at 12:30 to pick my grandparents up, then we drove to other family so they could follow us to the church. The christening was lovely. I held Frankie when we was at the front for the baptism part. Reggie went last, for the holy water bit, and he said “Oh, I’ve just had my hair done” when the vicar tipped the water on his forehead lol He is so funny.

At the reception at the social club I spent most the time walking round with either one of the babies, feeding them tidbits and keeping them entertained. We got lots of photos, and Melissa took many more with her proper camera so hopefully they’ll be much better ones of us at the font than those my mom captured. I am Reggie’s godmother. It is official. He was really well behaved today which I am proud of.

Back to class tomorrow. Law. Fun, fun, fun… My Sociology and Biology assignments are due this week :/ I have a Psychology exam on February 3rd!!!!!

It is my Dad’s birthday tomorrow. Hopefully his card should arrive on time. I must remember to text him in the morning. I just watched a film called “In Time” on LoveFilm, on my Kindle. It was okay but it was a bit weird, and I am usually into scifi films but this one was really weird. Off to bed now or I won’t want to get up for class.



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