Longest weekend, ever

Well the weekend just gone was so long. Friday my aunt asked me if I wanted the twins for the weekend so I said yeah, as normal. They were a bit whiny when they were dropped off but I figured it was their teeth. I changed Fred’s nappy and it was like a bowl of water. It was just liquid, no poop and was so strange. We assumed they had a bug so I left them with my nan whilst I nipped home to grab myself some stuff and the travel cot. We managed to get them to sleep but I then couldn’t sleep so I just laid in the double bed reading my book, then dozing. At 4am both the babies woke up crying. I soon realised they’d both poo-ed through their clothes so I grabbed one to undress him, clean him up and then re-dress him. He was screaming, and the other one was stood in the cot screaming. I was up to my eyeballs in poop and then the bedroom door opens and in comes my Nan ready to save the night. She grabbed the baby which was in the cot (Fred) and sorted him out and I finished up sorting Frankie. Poor bubs were then sick so we had to clear that up too, luckily I hadn’t actually re-dressed Frankie when he was sick. So I cleaned him up then put a vest on him. To keep them hydrated we made up bottles of cooled down kettle water. Fred went back to sleep in the cot but Frankie wouldn’t settle so he stayed in the bed, cuddled up to me. I think I managed about 2 hours of sleep.

In the morning we gave them more water and tried them with a plain biscuit and dry toast. They kept that down but then they sicked up their dinner later. We had them bathed and ready for bed by 7 and were trying to eat our dinner but as we had starved them, as usually they eat on/off all day, they kept whining for us to share our curry with them. It was heartbreaking as Frankie kept going to me, then Nan then his sister (as she was staying at our nan’s for the weekend, we technically weren’t meant to stay, usually we’d be at home). They wouldn’t go to sleep, we kept trying to put one down in the cot but they kept screaming so in the end I had them both sat either side of me, leaning on me and they fell asleep snuggling me. When I decided to go up to bed Nan grabbed Fred and carried him up to the cot, he went straight down but Frankie wouldn’t, again, so he went in the bed with me and went straight to sleep.

In the  early morning they both brought up, what seemed like most of, the water they’d drunk and I was worried they were going to be dehydrated but we figured that if they kept some dry toast down for breakfast, we could give them some major-ly watered down milk. We didn’t get out of bed till 11. They woke up to sick the water up at 8am then after I cleaned up, I had them both on the bed and we all slept till 11. They had breakfast then they fell asleep. We had our dinner, Sunday roast. Luckily one of the babies was asleep in the stroller in front the TV so I only had to deal with one so I sat him on my lap at the dinner table so I could eat my dinner. He kept trying to grab everything off the plate :( he must’ve been hungry. By late afternoon, before we dropped them home, we gave them some watered down milk, and they thoroughly enjoyed it and it stayed down. We dropped them home and they seemed much perkier as we’d tried them with “flat fizzy” which is a known remedy to an unsettled stomach. it also helped to replace any lost sugars, from the sickness.

I hate being helpless and it is hard to explain to them why we couldn’t give them any food etc..

Poor bubbas. It is their christening on Sunday (26th). I just hope they’re better by then.



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