If only our exams were O.W.Ls

Well my first week back to classes was hard. Very hard. Having 2 weeks off was great but now it is “this” side of the new year and all my assignments are just weeks away from the deadline. It makes you a little bit like :O arghhhhhh haha

Monday I had class, had dinner at my nan’s, she did a lovely steak pie and it was lush. All home made too. I went home and I fell asleep at 6pm. 6pm!!! And slept through till about 7am Tuesday. Annoying when Tuesday is my lay-in. I went to sleep about half 8 on Tuesday and slept till 7:30am Wednesday. This sort of carried on for the rest of the week.

Saturday I was enjoying a lay in and my brother comes upstairs at about half 11 (i.e. 11:30am) and hands me the house phone. Erm, what? Who is it? Mom! Apparently the bra she is wearing, the bones inside it have snapped and she needs a new one urgently so I was to grab one from her bedroom, jump in my grandad’s car and he would run me to her work so she could swap them lol such a pain. After I went to my nan’s for the day.

Sunday I had dinner at my Nan’s (sunday roast). My grandad dropped my brother at work and picked me up on his way back, about 11ish. We booked our “sun holiday” online as the last code was released in the Sun on Sunday. We really struggled to get BOTH our groups on the same site. And we could not get the site we really wanted, which is ridiculous as my Nan has been doing the Sun holidays for years and has a priority booking form so she should be guaranteed her first choice. We ended up with 6 of us staying at Rye Harbour (it is nice there), and the other 6 are staying 10 minutes down the road at Camber Sands. We will work out exactly who is sleeping where but I am sure it will be fine. I am really excited as it’ll be a nice end to my academic year. We are booked for July 14th-18th.

Today I had my first exam, so far. My Law Exam… I think it went far better than I could have expected. I seemed to remember much more details than I did when I did a practise run through last night so that is good…

My UCAS application has finally been released by my tutor to the UCAS site. They’ve since sent it to my 5 choices and I’ve received a confirmation email from Edinburgh Uni saying they’d received it. I am soo excited lol

I had the doctors today at 4pm. Last week I found a lumpy bump in my boob, and I only found it because I’d been getting sharp pains in that particular boob, and had decided to check. Obviously I am naughty and don’t check as often as I should but in my defence, I do “touch myself” in the shower when I wash so you’d think I’d notice anything then anyway. So, the doctor copped a feel and said she was concerned about the pain, and it is probably a cyst and though she couldn’t feel what I described, she said I was tender at the bit I pointed at when she felt and she said best to be safe, she’s sending me to the hospital for a scan. She said she’ll refer me today and I should have a letter within’ 10 days. I’m not worried. I’ve had a lump, scan and all clear before, and I was 18. It definitely hurts. So even if the scan shows only a cyst, I want it gone lol

I have an assignment in Biology still due, and a Sociology assignment due. Both due in 2 weeks. I have started the Sociology one, just need to finish it tomorrow.

The twins, and Reggie, are being christened on January 26th. I was asked to be Reggie’s godmother almost 3 years ago but I’m not that self important that I just assumed the offer still stood so until the weekend I didn’t know I was still in the running. So yes, I am Reggie’s godmother. I am pleased as, no offence to the others, he is and always will be my favourite. My little fat pants :) Need to go shopping as I have no appropriate attire for a christening, as jeans just won’t do lol



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