I found a resolution

I was correct to say, in my previous post, Frankie might be a nightmare at bedtime. He was, because he hadn’t woken up till almost midday on New Year’s Day he didn’t go down till almost midnight that night. Little git. Mom tried to get him to sleep in her room and usually he would lie down after a few minutes and go to sleep but he decided to roll around her bed occasionally stopping to grin at her (this was with the damned lights out and TV off). After an hour I scooped him up and tried him in my room but after he woke Fred up I took him downstairs, and Mom got Fred back to sleep within’ a few minutes and he went back in the cot.

The next day we got up, had breakfast and a bath then went to our nan’s. They like it there because it is somewhere new, different from my same 4 walls lol they both were in bed asleep by 7:30pm. I was really surprised. I put Fred down after his bath, with a bottle and he was out like a light. Frankie was ready for bed so I put him in a car seat, that lays back slightly, with a bottle and a blanket and told my brother to keep an eye whilst I just hopped in the shower. I was only gone about 15 minutes and when I came down Frankie was fast asleep. I was shocked, he hardly EVER goes to sleep before 8pm. So I very carefully carried him upstairs and laid him down in the cot. He stayed asleep, bonus!! My brother had friends round so I didn’t particularly fancy sitting downstairs and I didn’t want to bang around in my room and risk waking the tots up so I went in my mom’s room, she was due in from work at 8. Next thing I remember is her talking to me, asking me why I was laid on her bed lol then I remember getting up and getting in my own bed. I must’ve fell asleep soon as my head hit the pillow. Then at 3:30am Frankie woke up. Usual story. I realised I’d missed Emmerdale from the previous evening so we sat and watched it on catchup TV. He’s quite well behaved because he sat between my legs, snuggled under the duvet with a bottle. He eventually went back to sleep but I was wide awake so after Emmerdale was finished I turned on my Kindle so I could continue watching Dexter. I love it but I am slowly coming to the season end, the final season, and that makes me sad LOL At half 6 we had a powercut, I only realised because 1) my alarm clock, plugged into the mains, suddenly flashed 00:00 and 2) my Kindle only runs on WiFi and Dexter suddenly cut off as the powercut threw the WiFi out. It only lasted a few minutes but it was enough to disrupt all electricals! The babies got up at 8, and had breakfast. My friend (for mystery purpose, and privacy I’ll call him Syphilis and believe me there IS a story behind that and NO he doesn’t have it lol) came in at 11 to say Hi, and he reckons the twins look exactly alike but I disagree, but as I said to him, I see them all the time so I notice the differences more. He left and we chilled out till 2pm when I decided we should visit Nanny. Which we did. At 5pm we left for home as they were being picked up soon. Fred started acting really odd at my nan’s, he was being really whingy (which he never is) and kept sitting on my lap facing me, arms almost hugging me and his head on my chest like he wanted to go to sleep. He felt really hot too, and I know that a fever can be a symptom of teething so when he got home I took his temperature. It said it was low but I’ve only used my thermometer once or twice so I wasn’t too sure if I had used it correctly lol At my house Fred climbed straight up on my lap after he was let out the stroller, laid his head down and went to sleep. Frankie was being naughty and kept standing at my feet grabbing Fred so I laid Fred on the sofa and kept an eye. When my Aunt turned up to pick them up I mentioned it to her about Fred but the little poop monster perked right up when they came in. Maybe he was just homesick?

After they left I did some tidying up, they trash my house, and finished washing the huge pile of dishes. My friend, “Syphilis”, messaged saying he was going to Hockey practise soon but had half hour to spare so could he pop in and was I alone? I think we can all guess why he may want to know that. Yes, you guessed it, we are FWB (friends-with-benefits), although who it benefits is anyone’s guess LOL We are friends, and we’ve known each other a long time, about 4 years or more. But there has always been an element of fooling around because we were both single when we met. The only time we don’t “fool around” is if we are dating other people, which of course is obviously how it goes. Neither of us are cheaters… I did once consider dating him, but, he is too much hard work. He is stubborn, and stroppy and occasionally he is rude. So he is better off just as my FWB, our relationship will last longer that way haha

After he left I watched Emmerdale then I had a bath (as you do), nice long one, and then at 8 Mom got in from work and we decided on the golden M for dinner so off we went to pick it up. We ate and watched Piers Morgan’s interview with Eastender’s actress June Brown. It was interesting learning about her life as a youngster. Then by 11pm I was in bed asleep.

Today Mom got me up at 10 so we could do the grocery shop. We hit 3 stores as we had various vouchers to spend. After packing the stuff away at home, and chilling for a bit we left to drop my Brother at work at 4 then we went to my Nan’s for a cuppa and a catchup. We ended up staying for dinner, and Nan fancied fish and chips so she sent my Mom up the chippie with some money and a menu (which I had wrote so she wouldn’t forget my egg fried rice haha). It was yummy. We left at 8 and I have been on my laptop since we got in syncing my camera roll so I can clear my iPhone, organise the photos on my external hard drive and in general do some primping lol I am finished now so I am going to settle down under my duvet with the film “Dark Shadows”.

Before I go I wanted to say I have finished December’s FMSphoto-a-day challenge and will soon have a new page up for December, with all the photos I took. Also, I found a New Year’s Resolution I could try: No swearing. I curse way way way too much, I noticed today so perhaps I should try not to? It is worth a try anyway.

Back to classes on Monday. I have a biology assignment to attend to, as well as a Sociology assignment and on the 13th a Law exam!! I need to get on top of it. I am sure I will. My sleep patterns are back to normal for class so that is good lol



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