Happy New Year y’all

Well 2014 has finally arrived. We spent our New Year’s Eve at my Nan’s. We went round with the babies at 9pm. They’d had 2 naps, one of which was over an hour so I didn’t expect them to be tired just yet. Turned out I was right to expect that, they didn’t go to sleep until after midnight. They actually made it to the new year. They were really well behaved. Apart from a little whinge when we first got there they quite happily sat and played on Nan’s living room floor with some toys. Occasionally one would make a beeline for anyone they noticed had food lol they had a bottle and after we saw in the new year we left Nan’s. Mom and I toasted the Big Ben chimes at midnight with some champagne, as did everyone else at my Nan’s. It was quite nice to spend it with family.
The twins were really good and when we got home they were already asleep so I put Frankie down in the cot and he stayed asleep and then I put Fred down and he also stayed asleep. Bless them they were knackered. Fred didn’t wake up in the morning till 9am and Frankie woke up at 11:45am. It was nice to have a lay-in for a change.
We stayed indoors today. It’s Wednesday so mom had nan. She cooked a lovely roast chicken, which was like a mission to eat as the bubs kept standing at my feet, mouths open like little birds, and then mom dropped nan home.
We are just gonna relax with some wine and TV. Fred will probably go to bed at about 7-or-8ish but I doubt Frankie will sleep that early. He woke up super late so we shall see lol
Happy New Year everyone, hope 2014 brings you what you wished for.



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