Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas y’all :)
We got up at 9am and had some breakfast. We went to my Nan’s to open our presents (from them, and watch them open their presents from us) and at about 11:30 we left for my uncles house. We had a lovely time, Christmas dinner was lush and the kids weren’t that overexcited so that’s always a bonus lol we had beef and turkey, as well as some pork (I don’t eat that) and it was all delicious. I was stuffed lol
The girls opened their presents from us after dinner and it was nice watching them. We stayed for some cake, that my uncle made the night before. It tasted very moist and yummy. We left at 7 and stopped at my Nan’s for a cuppa as we had to drop her, my grandad and my great-gran to my Nan’s house anyway. We left and came home to get our pyjamas on, pour some alcohol and eat some cheese and biscuits. Which we are doing whilst watching Toy Story 3 lol

20131226-060214 am.jpg[My Christmas #selfie haha]

20131226-060222 am.jpgWe’ve had a lovely Christmas Day and I hope Boxing Day is just as a good. I got 8 pairs of fluffy socks, a printer and some tops. As well as some perfume from my mom, and my brother :)



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