The “Real” Christmas Eve

Wow, the 24th has actually arrived. My, my, hasn’t this year gone rather quickly? I think the 4 months after my birthday in August have flown by. It probably helped that I have been so busy with classes and assignments, babysitting, the odd party – including my own, that I never really had time to notice how quick December was approaching.

People online keep posing the same question: what do you want or expect from 2014? The truth is I have no idea. Of course I expect to finish college in June/July but apart from that, and getting into a university, there isn’t anything in particular that I could say I want. I mean, yes, there are a minute select few things that I voice in my head now and then but they are unattainable to me, personally, so it’s hardly worth wasting energy thinking about them. That’s how I ended up on AD meds in 2009, thinking too much about these things basically drove me crazy!!
I do have, what I call, a “to do list” which is pretty much your bog standard “bucket list”. And yes, in an ideal world I’d love to create a plan each year from now, planning which things I want to “tick off”, how and when. But I cannot do that at this time in my life. Unfortunately. That’s just how it is.

Tomorrow is Christmas Day. It sucks a bit being an adult, in a house with 2 other adults. None of us believe in Santa and have no children so no need to make an effort for it. It makes Christmas quite boring to be honest.
Saying that, we are spending it with my uncle and his wife and their 5 daughters. Last year they spent the day just with themselves as we all had other plans and my uncle said it was “a little bit too quiet” for him. He’s use to a big family so it was a little empty for him just him and his little family. So tomorrow it’ll be me, my mom, my brother and my grandparents. Us 3, in my household, are going to open some fizzy and do a little Christmas Eve gift exchange tonight as we dot really want to lug all our gifts to my uncles house tomorrow, just to open them and then bring them back. Seems a bit pointless so we’ll open them tonight. I guess it makes today special in someways.

The twins went home at 4ish. Frankie has been doing steps, more and more, without encouragement. Firstly he was doing it if I plonked him down on his feet and stepped back with my arms open but now he randomly stands up, looks around and then toddles a bit lol he’s done 12 steps and that’s the most he’s done at my house. It’s a lot for a little guy. Fred is so funny, he’s got absolutely no spacial awareness and he puts his nose right on yours then grins this huge ear-to-ear grin and if you move your head he moves with you. I tried to turn my head and he put his hand on my cheek to make me face him again. Such a weird child. Frankie kept doing something similar but instead of staring at me with a creepy grin he kept leaning in for a kiss (which means him with his mouth wide going “mm”), another weird child? Haha I love them. This Christmas is their second but obviously they don’t remember last years (being 10 days old) so it’ll be exciting for them to have lots of boxes and wrapping paper to play with haha

Anyways, mom is home from work now so time for bubbles and gifts.

Merry Christmas Eve y’all. Have a good one and stay safe.



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