Happy 1st Birthday Babies

It is Frankie and Freddie’s 1st birthday today. I can’t believe a whole year has passed already. It seems only yesterday that they were those tiny little wrigglers and now look at them, two little chunks. My aunt is having a tea party for them today at 5 so we are going over with presents and cards soon. My nan is also taking over the Christmas presents as my aunt wants to put everything under the tree now. There is A LOT of stuff to take. I should know, I wrapped the whole lot lol

It is also my Nan’s sister’s birthday today. She would have been 61. Sadly she passed away suddenly in 2010.

It is my cousin’s, and my sister’s, birthday on Tuesday. My sister will be 9 and my cousin LC will be 7. LC was at Nan’s today so she’s opened her gifts already. She’s funny and has a funny sense of humor for a kid…

I watched 2 films last night. I watched “Hall Pass”, very funny, and then I watched “The girl with the dragon tattoo”. It is odd and not what I expected it to be about.

Only 4 days left of classes then I’m finished for the holidays. I can’t wait.



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