12 days to go

Happy Friday the 13th y’all. I think it is safe to say I have completely finished my Christmas shopping, it is all wrapped and ready for dispatching (i.e. giving the bags to whoever they’re for)

Speaking of Christmas, and gifts, on Facebook today I saw a video about an airline who did something rather special for its passengers on a flight. I’ve posted the video below so check it out, it will tear you up a little because it is one of them things that just make you realise there ARE nice people in the world, now and then.

As you can see what WestJet did for their passengers was exceptionally wonderful, and I teared up a little. I’m female, I am allowed lol

I haven’t been up to much, apart from class in the morning and lately I have been on my laptop trying to finish rearranging my new pages, and creating and filling the ones  I am linking to the original page. It is a long process but it is worth it. Mostly because if anything ever happened to me, such as premature death, people who know me can read my blog pages and say to themselves “she loved Harry Potter, but hated Lord of the Rings..” blah blah. I just hope I don’t get mowed down by a bus now LOL while sorting my blog out I’ve been listening to a lot of music. Mainly from my iPhone playlist and the song I absolutely love at the moment is Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Same Love. I’ve never been, and will never be, a homophobe. I grew up with a lot of friends who “came out the closet” so to speak, and I don’t mind. I support gay and lesbian marriage, whatever it is called. I know a lot of people who are a tad homophobic and it annoys me because gay people have no effect on these peoples lives and yet they still say things about them. Its unnecessary. I’m not saying people cannot have their own views, but I think many should keep them to themselves, especially as being a homophobic person makes you sound like a complete and utter narrow-minded bastard. I am quite open-minded and I think narrow-minded people are so limited. Anywho, below is the song I am referring to, in case you haven’t heard it.

Christmas is coming, and we only have 12 days to go. Firstly though, we have the twins first birthday on Sunday. My aunt is having a little tea party from them in the afternoon. I can’t wait to see them. A whole year since they were born, that’s crazy. I remember last Christmas like it was only yesterday.

On the 17th is my sister’s 9th birthday. Unfortunately my dad is too busy this weekend so I am having to send her card and present in the mail.

I got my first Christmas card today. It will probably be my only one, from friends anyway. Unless my Australian friend posts me one, however I don’t get many through the post. I always get one from my mom, my brother and my grandparents. I give all my cousins a Christmas card each as well as their present because it is nice for them to have a card. I even wrote one out for Frankie, Freddie and Madison (all of them are babies) lol I didn’t write one for Macey though because that would be ridiculous, she’s 3 weeks old!!

This weekend, apart from the tea party, I don’t have too much planned. I need to go to the shops with my Nan tomorrow as we need some milk etc.. but that is pretty much it. I like a quiet life lol

I got the movie Red 2 from LoveFilm-by-post yesterday. I’ve watched it and it quite funny. I enjoyed the first one so I figured the second would be just as funny. Mom hasn’t seen it so we may watch it later after dinner. I really want to watch the movie “Frozen”. It is technically a kids movie, but it looks similar to “Brave” which Reg and I saw in 3D last year and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I own it on DVD now. If I wasn’t so skint I’d go cinema as my friends from class wants to see it too lol maybe in the new year?



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