My name is Kayleigh and I’m an addict…

“Hi Kayleigh, welcome to TBAA” – True Blood Addicts Anonymous. But seriously, I think I may be just slightly addicted to True Blood. I cannot stop watching it. I started at season 1, epsiode 1 about 10 days ago and I have literally just finished watching the season finale of season 6. Season 7 isn’t released till next year!!!  This depresses me a little because what will I do when it is finished for good? Season 7 is the last season ever, apparently… :(


I was really surprised when the character Warlow finally showed up in an episode and it turned out to Rob Kazinsky. A former Eastenders actor who I recognised straight away. He plays a faerie vampire. His character was born a faerie like Sookie, and are both only a half-ling, and he was then turned into a vampire by the “goddess” Lilith. It means he is able to walk in sunlight, which is very handy when trying to go unnoticed as a creature of the night. He tells Sookie he has been waiting for her, in love with her, for nearly 6000 years. That is a very god awful long time to wait for a “soul mate”. After watching him in the episodes so far, I’d say he does the role very well and that British accent really does him wonders. It is very odd that I find that accent attractive considering I, myself, am English so my accent is roughly the same but men I know just don’t sound as sexy as he does, nor my lovely Tom Hardy or Joseph Morgan. All British and all very seductive when they talk LOL I still love Alexander Skarsgård who plays Eric. 

I am in the process of creating a new Page for which I will attach other pages to and it is for my likes and dislikes. A basic miscellaneous page. I’ve made a start but I don’t want to publish anything till I am sure. But watch this space.



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