Work hard, play hard

Hardly me, though is it? Play hard, I mean. I’m such a granny aged 22 LOL No, I am referring to the fact that all of my classes Unit 1 assignments have, as of today, been submitted. No more assignments due till the new year. I have a Law exam at the end of January however I have done some studying for that already and I shall, slowly, do some more over the Christmas vacation period because I am good little dork :)

Not a lot has occurred since I last “checked” in. I was sick last Friday so I missed Biology class. Luckily I didn’t miss much, which is what I asked today. Apparently they just did assignment stuff as it was due today. This Monday and Tuesday just gone I was also off sick too. I had a mega menstrual migraine and was in bed all day. I couldn’t even manage an episode of True Blood, so I must’ve been sick lol

I made up for the 2 days loss and I am steadily catching up with the end of the last season :( I don’t know what I’ll do when I have no more episodes available to watch. Oh, such drama! haha


I have a new obsession, a sexy male celebrity kind of obsession. His name is Alexander Skarsgård and he plays Eric Northman in, yes you guessed it, True Blood. He is Swedish and his father is Stellan Skarsgård who was in Mamma Mia and the Avengers as well as Thor. I am obsessed, he is now my cover photo on Facebook, and you may have noticed he is the header photo on my blog too. I have also changed my twitter cover photo too, not that I actually ever use my twitter. I still love Mr. Hardy, of course, but for now it is Mr. Skarsgård ;)


So, wet knickers moment over, onto other news. An old family friend gave birth to a healthy 5lb 5oz baby girl on December 1st. She’d had a difficult pregnancy and was very anxious to get little one out safely. Which she did. She’s named Isla Rae (absolutely cute!) and I actually had a hold of her on Wednesday afternoon. She barely weighs anything.

Macey Moo is now 12 days old. I held her, again, on Thursday as my uncle’s missus popped to my nan’s for a cuppa, and I was there so I managed to steal the bub for 5 minutes lol

Tonight I have watched 2 episodes of True Blood (hells yeah) and then I put some music on and sung my lungs out whilst tweaking my blog (as you may have noticed) and now Mom and I are going to sit on my bed and catch up with Emmerdale on TiVo on-demand as we both missed it earlier lol

Living the high life, as always. Hopefully the Christmas tree is going up tomorrow, or Sunday. We shall see, but I am definitely sorting my room out tomorrow. It has got to a point where it is even irritating ME lol so it has to be done.

World news: I almost forgot to say. Nelson Mandela passed away. I think it was yesterday, hard to tell as I never read the actual story in the paper just the headlines today but I assume it was yesterday to make today’s paper. He was 95. He had an interesting, and long life. It’s sad but he’s in peace now I guess. Blessed be, Mr. Mandela.

T.G.I.F Y’all… Christmas is coming :)



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