She is here, early.

Macey has arrived. My uncle and his partner Gem were having a baby which was due December 6th as previously mentioned. Macey (the baby, obviously) decided she wasn’t waiting that long and popped out at 08:11am this morning, weighing in at 6lb 11oz and with half a head of hair. She is lovely. We didn’t expect to see them round so soon but they popped in quickly on their way back from the hospital. She looks just like her momma. So, my Nan’s 16th grandchild (and 10th granddaughter), has been born. November 24th 2013.

So this was Sunday. But Friday after class my grandad took me to the store to meet my nan so we could do the groceries, her for herself and me for my mom etc. Afterwards my grandad drove me over to my aunts so I could pick up the twins as they were staying with me for the weekend. We brought my cousin Teggy back as she, and her 2 other brothers, were staying with our grandparents for the weekend. Friday night the babies took ages to go to bed. Cranky (Frankie) fell asleep at 8ish but Freddo (Freddie) played up and eventually woke Cranky up at about 10. Then Freddo fell asleep but Frank played up a bit. Eventually he fell asleep on my bed.

He had me up at 5:30am on Saturday morning :( we got up and had breakfast at 8ish. Were bathed and dressed by 11 and in town with my mom to pick up a few things. We went to Nan’s for lunch and I walked the bubs home in the stroller at 3 as we were leaving for the birthday party at 6:45. I needed to tidy the house up, give them some dinner, get them bathed and dressed then they chilled in the stroller with a bottle so I could hop in the shower before sticking some makeup on and get dressed. I was pretty impressed that I only took 25 minutes from start to finish haha we got to the party at 7:30pm and we left at about 9:30ish. Both bubs had a nap in the ride home which gave them an energy boost so they weren’t tired when we first got home so we let them play on the floor whilst we grabbed a cuppa and got into our pyjamas. Fred went to sleep first and then Frank, in moms room as it’s cooler and he was all hot.

Today he woke up with a slight fever so I gave him some nurofen, and some milk. He started to settle, twice, but then would suddenly sit up like he knew he was falling asleep. Such a pain and then about 7 Fred woke up so I took them downstairs so they could have a play. I had them fed, bathed and dressed by 11:15. They had breakfast late because they fell asleep with their morning milk. It was only like 20 minutes but it made a difference as they then weren’t hungry till 10. Nan mashed up a bowl of roast dinner for them to eat which they had at 1ish. They fought their tiredness till 3 and then caught about 45 minutes at most before waking up. Frank’s fever started again so I gave him, and Freddo some more nurofen and took their tops off so they could get a little cooler. They went home with my aunt at 7ish. Mom picked me up at about 8 on her way back from seeing a friend.

My nan and grandad had looked after Teggy, Ronnnie and Reggie this weekend. Ronnie didn’t come to the party as he went to my Nan’s brothers to watch football. He’s really into football, it is his life! Lol Reggie and T came to the party with us. T played with some of our other distant cousins and Reg sat with me at the table most the night. He asked me why he hasn’t stayed at mine in so long? I told him it’s because he’s always so busy at the weekend. He’s been really misbehaving at school lately so I told him that if he doesn’t misbehave between now and the end of school term then he can come and stay over the Christmas holidays but he must be good or else the deal is off. I feel sorry for him because, although what he’s been doing is absolutely unacceptable behaviour, we all know it is because everyone keeps going on about Ronnie and his football, and being signed for a team and Reggie does things for attention. Apparently being the middle child is a burden to bear, or so my nan says. She is 1 of 5 and the middle child so she knows what it is like. I’m the eldest so I bear that burden :(

I had been thinking of watching some True Blood before bed but it’s now 11:55pm so I think I may just play a game for a bit on my iPhone then go to sleep as I have class tomorrow. Although I’ve no idea how I am going to get there with no money!!!



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