Where is my badge?

Last Friday I had a 6 hour trial at the pub my brother works at. I cannot even begin to describe what it is like there. 6 hours felt like 6 years and I came home stinking of booze, yet stone cold sober. Talk about your worst nightmare. We finished at midnight and I said I thought I might give it a go and do a few shifts. Saturday morning, did a total 180 and I said I don’t think it’s a job I can do but thanks for the opportunity. This means it’s back to square one – finding a job!
I got my grade back for my psychology assignment. My tutor is quite a strict marker and doesn’t give credit when it’s not due. He marked me as a merit. A bloody MERIT. My first piece of assessed work and I get a merit grade. I was so pleased. There’s a slight possibility it could be lowered to a pass or raised to a distinction if it’s selected for external moderation (and they mark it higher or lower) but if it isn’t then it’ll stick at a merit.

20131120-120035 am.jpg(My grade on paper)

Saturday my Nan’s old neighbour had a party for his 60th so we got dressed up and off we went at 8. We met mom there as she’d been at work all day and finished at 8. She came straight from work. It was a laugh, we saw a few old faces and it was nice to just be able to relax and reminisce of the old days.

Sunday my aunt came over to my Nan’s with all the kids. It was a nice day as another 2 old faces popped by too for Sunday roast dinner. We had chicken. I love a good old roast chicken. I did some wrapping for my Nan later on then Mom popped by on her way home from work and then after a cuppa we left. I watched Law and Order: SVU then I went upstairs to complete my Law assignment. I started it at 10 and it took till 1am to finish. I only had 2 questions left I didn’t think they’d take that long. I submitted the assignment electronically on the online thing lol then I quickly did my homework and finally went to sleep at 2.

Monday I was shattered. I printed off the hard copy and handed it to the office then had my Law class at 9:30. By 10:30 I was half asleep I swear haha it doesn’t help that my tutor just reads page-by-page of information that she’s given us on the bloody handouts!! It’s so frustrating as I am one of those people who can’t bear it when someone reads aloud to you. It makes me cringe. I’ve no idea why lol plus my eyes have been itchy and sore since then. I think it’s a bit of tireness and stress causing it this time. Usually it’s just stress :(

Today I had a nice lay in and I thoroughly enjoyed it, as ya do. This woman sat next to me on the bus today and she stank. I don’t care what anyone’s story is, hygiene is just something you maintain. You brush your teeth daily and you shower either daily or every other day. But also wear deodorant and antiperspirant. I just can’t understand how these stinky bastards cannot smell themselves?

I received my latest LoveFilm-by-post disc today. Oz, the great and powerful. It was actually quite good, if a little weird.

I’ve been in bed since half 8 watching true blood. I love it and I love how I realised who the murderer was before it was revealed. Makes me feel like such a dork haha

I’m going to work on my sociology assignment tomorrow and hopefully I can finish that so all that will be left is Biology *…slowly weeps* lol

Off to bed now. Hopefully to stop having weird, creepy dreams. I wake up in the middle of night (ignoring the fact it’s half past midnight already) half dazed, wondering where the fuck I am? :/ my dream catcher is clearly not doing the job, I need a bigger one!

Anywho, I’m offskies :)



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